Hi all,

I'm not at the friend's place at the moment, but wanted to fly this by in the event someone else has had this issue & resolved it. PC is a HP Pavilion Desktop running Win 10 Home v1709. It's an upgrade from Win 7 and was running fine up until a couple of days ago. No new software or hardware installed that might have caused this.

There was a problem with his (the only) user account. It had the old, "start button/taskbar not working properly" + other things going on. Rather than muck about trying to diagnose, I created a 2nd account and that one worked fine.

I backed up the data from acct. 1 to external storage. I then booted to acct. 2 and, through "Control panel>users, deleted acct. 1. It took a little while, but eventually, that acct folder appeared on the desktop as I had chosen to "save the user files". All good.

However, as I was setting up the new user acct., I noticed that the old one was still sitting there under C:\Users. Worse, was when I right-clicked to check it's size: it was still going, at over 600 GB in size, before I decided to cancel the size check. Of course, I cannot access it and I'm concerned about the size being reported. What in the world could be in that folder to report that size? He said the only thing he has of any real size is about 15GB of iTunes music (which is about right, looking at what I had backed up from that account previous to deleting it).

I told the friend I'd stop back this week with a live Linux USB to have a look at it from outside of Windows.

Additionally, when I tried to open iTunes, from the new acct.2, it wouldn't open. I tried to install iTunes again (thinking maybe it's only installed for the deleted acct. 1) and it errored saying something to the effect that it needed to be removed from the other user account? But, that account is now gone, so there's no way to log into it to uninstall iTunes.

Has anyone else here ever seen something like this? Honestly, I'm stumped.