Bootable USB Disaster now all My Account's Profiles are wrong

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    Bootable USB Disaster now all My Account's Profiles are wrong

    Good afternoon, :) as you will see I have (2) Problem' S all My Account's and Profiles are wrong and or Missing? I have put this here because it has 2 problems inside 1 from what I can see (Belarc 01) If you could have a look at the Screen shots you will understand' it’s a mess. if this is in the wrong Category please let me know i will re-post to Brink2 but I am sure the Two are Related ?
    I did try Brink2 's solutions for Changing User name in reg-edit" I got cold feet did not work ?
    I had some work done on my PC about 3 weeks ago I don’t know if its Related

    I tried to Create a Bootable Disc (USB) But I Divided all my W D Ex HDD into the Main Drive I have created a mess" The USB at the end of it was Blank and the W D Ex HDD was split into The Local Drive (C://) 991.9 GB free 764 (this is the Bulk of my Western Digital Ex HDD/) / (F) 30.7 free of 31.1 GB and (G) There are two other W D Ex HDD Parts of Partitions all over them they were Back-ups and used for more room'
    I had Emptied,
    Music (G and I had made it the Kaspersky Backup ? The rest WERE: EBook's & Pictures (H / Movies TV (F:) / Vault ( i and Music (kaspersky backup) (G the "Short Cuts to all those Partitions are still on the Desktop' in the Screen shots" I Have copied the Re-Bootable from the Local (C it was supposed to load onto (WIN 10 Bootable (J) I have 5 Screenshots that will explain it better than I can?
    I also Did some Belarc Screenshot's and noticed all my accounts are closed and the Main Account Dasha - Administrator' is now User I would like to just put it all back as it was I have kept the Bootable USB aside but I will probably have to redo that

    2013 DELL Inspiron 660
    Sign into DELL
    Other Code: DFVTXI
    DELL Inspiron 660MT 4GB DDR3 SDRAM--(09-01-2013)
    DELL Inspiron 660 S 21” BENQ Screen, Microsoft Windows (10) 64Bit
    Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz, x86 Family15 Model Paid Version KasperskyPaid Version and MalwareMalbytes
    Service TAG is: = 29258595685
    Computer Service Tag = 29258595685
    Express Code Number = (S/N) DFVT 8 X 1
    Processor Count: 1
    RAM: 10 Mb
    Graphics Card:
    Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller, 64 Mb
    Hard Drive's C:/ Total - 152617 MB, Free - 113349 MB
    Weston Digital 1 Terabyte Exterior HDD (Back Up)
    No More After the Rebootable Disc Stuff UP 25-04-2018 WAS
    Now its 02-05-2018
    C / Local as 921 Free 764 GB //// ESD-USB(F) 30.7 Free 31.9 GB
    Re – BOOTABLE USB is ( :J)
    4- Partitions
    EBOOKS MY Pictures Backup = (H)
    Music Files == (G:)
    Movies & Videos == (J:)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails User Account_Manage account Windows TEN Account Profiles Forum 05  -  02-05-2018 .jpg   User Account_Manage account Windows TEN Account Profiles Forum 05 02-05-2018 .jpg   Windows TEN Account Profiles Forum 03  - 02-05-2018  - More Folders of Drives with Bits of the W.jpg   Windows TEN Account Profiles Forum BELARC 01- 02-05-2018 .jpg   Windows TEN Account Profiles Forum BELARC 01- 02-05-2018 Disconnet USB at TaskBar  -  Sunday 22-.jpg  

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    Bootable USB Disaster now all My Account's Profiles are wrong

    Good morning:) Should I be moving this thread if so which one? I was not sure if I should have Posted here it just seems that I am getting no response here have no Permissions so cannot open some File's( like Documents and Settings) I also created an Elevated Admin Account yesterday but I had a scheduled Windows 10 update last night and I cannot find that either? Any advice would be appreciated Regards Dasha
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    There is no statement of what your problem is. You have just dumped a load of stuff that makes sense to you but does not explain anything to anybody else unless they are prepared to spend half an hour analysing it.

    I suggest you start a new thread in which you state what the problem is and what happened just beforehand [because knowing what caused the problem can help in deciding how to fix it].

    Checks part 1 - If the problem involves missing or corrupted user accounts then state what accounts are shown in
    Settings, Accounts, Your info
    and in the other sections such as Settings, Accounts, Family & other people
    and then state which other accounts you expected to see.

    Checks part 2 - see my next post

    By the way, it is never safe for SelwynBlondie to be connected to the internet if, as appears to be the case, the Dasha [Admin] account has no password. That would be presenting an open door to online hackers.

    And don't make it all such small fonts. It is difficult to read and easy to ignore.

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    Checks part 2 -

    1 Get a list of user accounts in a Command prompt or PowerShell window using this command
    wmic useraccount list full
    - or, to save the results in a list, run something like wmic useraccount list full >D:\Desktop\UserAccountPropertiesList.txt but with your own choice of folder path

    2 Look in the Name entry for each block - this is the UserName for each account

    3 Ignore Administrator, DefaultAccount, Guest and [if these appear] defaultuser0, WDAGUtilityAccount

    4 If any user accounts are linked to online accounts such as accounts, the full name entry in the online setup will be shown in their FullName entries here. But it is also possible to create FullName entries here yourself by other means.

    5 Note the Name & SID entries for the other blocks, the blocks of interest. Note the FullName entries where they exist.

    6 Look in the Registry at
    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList
    [You can right-click, Export this key to save the data in a file - use .txt file format for the export. Personally, I find it better to use Snipping tool to capture the bits I want of this key.]

    7 For the SIDs noted, look in their ProfileImagePath entry to identify the user folder allocated to them.

    8 You now have a list of Names {UserNames}, SIDs and user folder paths, [FullNames for online account-linked user accounts]. That should go a long way in helping you define your problem.

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    Thank you Denis my apologies to all' I thought I had detailed it as well as I am able' but I guess what was understandable to me (partly) is hard to construe for others.
    I will digest and do the best I can as far re-drafting and re-posting and follow your instructions as soon as I can thanks for pointing out the Issues.
    Thanks again Denis regards Dasha
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    Thread Closed
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