I want to sysprep a computer before giving it as a gift. I want this since I want it to keep all the drivers already installed and everything. However, when I sysprep it using Administrator account and delette the "User" account, when I boot to OOBE, it doesn't ask me to create a new user and it's still showing me the "User" I had previously. If I go through the process, I get to the login screen and I cannot login using "User" since the account has been deleted (I was kind of locked the since there was no account at this point but I manage to fix this). Also, at the first screen of OOBE, if I do Shift-F10 and input net user in the command prompt, I do not see "User" so the user has really been deleted. Do you have any idea what's happening? How can I get the computer to sysprep and asking me for a new username at OOBE? I'm on latest version of Windows 10 on this computer. Thank you very much in advance!