Re-starting in Safe Mode-Won't take Password

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    Re-starting in Safe Mode-Won't take Password

    Hi Everyone,
    This began as an issue with my AVG, so I uninstalled the AVG and ran a cleaner, when I did the restart it came back trying to start in Safe Mode. There is a place for a password, although I never remembered putting any password for safe mode, I put the pin that I use to log in every time I start up, that failed, then a clue came up, I have no idea what it means. No matter what I do I can not get past this safe mode password. I have searched in vane for days looking for a way out but so far I have come up empty handed. I know someone has to have figured this out, this is crazy. Thanks for ANY help.
    I'm obviously on another computer now. But the one stuck is
    On a Toshiba Satellite

    **also I do not have recovery discs A friend installed it so....there's that.
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    As you discovered, safe mode only uses your password, not PIN. There was a warning before you entered.
    To get out, if you have a Microsoft account, go to and reset the password. Try new password.

    If not, and you can't remember your password; boot from a Windows 10 from a USB drive created on another computer and click repair in lower L corner.
    Advanced Recovery Options menu appears.
    Click Troubleshoot
    Click Advanced options
    Click Command Prompt
    type: bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot
    Hit Enter
    Exit the command prompt then restart.
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    You can not enter safe mode with a pin. It will not accept it. What you can do is activate the built in Administrator account at boot.
    You need to use Option 5 in this guide

    Enable or Disable Elevated Administrator account in Windows 10 Windows 10 Tutorials
    Once the Administrator account is enabled, switch users and use this account to login. There is no password for this account. Just leave the password blank and hit Enter.
    Once you are at the Desktop, right click the Start button and click on Run. Type msconfig in the run box and click OK.
    On the screen that pops up, click on "Normal Startup". That will get you out of safe mode.
    Don't forget to disable the built in Admin account again.
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    Welcome to the TenForums @fleet420

    You can get Windows 10 here

    Download tool, execute and create USB drive mrgeek mentioned.
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    Hi fleet420 and welcome to Tenforums.
    It's true - Safe Mode will only accept a password, not a PIN. When you first setup your user account, you used a password; then changed it to a PIN. That's where the "clue" comes from.

    You have several options here from the members. I would first try logging into your MS account online from another device, and see if you can get in (if you remember your password), otherwise, try changing it and using that to login to your system in Safe Mode, as mrgeek suggested. Failing that, the other two suggestions will also work. Good luck.
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    When I go to get the tool with the link provided it sends me to the page where Trustme said to pick option 5. Option 5 then says if I do not have a USB recovery or installation discs then I go to option 6
    Boot to Advanced Startup Options in Windows 10 Windows 10 Tutorials
    Is this what I am supposed to do? Turn on and off with button.

    When I downloaded the tool it was an application, if I open the application it will install on the computer I am using to download won't it?
    Do I down load it to the USB then open it on the usb...I've never done that and I'm sorta afraid. it's confusing... you sent me to follow option 5 then option 5 says to do option 6 then if I do option 6 do I need to go back to do 5. this maybe a bit beyond me Damn, what a stupid thing for MS to do.
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    Hi Fleet420.

    My link was for the Media Creation Tool that allows you to create a USB Thumb drive. Here is the tutorial. You will notice in step 4 you are creating installation media, not updating PC.

    Create Bootable USB Flash Drive to Install Windows 10

    This USB is installation media, (for Option 5 in tutorial that TrustMe posted) , it can also be used for repair mentioned by mrgeek.
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    Which one am I doing ..Option 1, 2 or 3
    I don't want to reinstall win10, I just want to get out of the stupid login for safemode, Like I said above a guy installed it on my laptop and I have no license or the numbers or anything. wow it looks long.
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    Hey, i can get to the advanced options i followed the instructions but to get to the command prompt it asks for a password and mine does not work, should I still do the usb, or is that going to do something else. I thought the point of the usb thing was to get to advanced options.
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    Read option 5 carefully, you are not trying to go into Advanced Options. Boot from the usb flash drive you made that Caledon Ken posted. Proceed like you are going to install Windows. On the very first screen you come to, it asks for the Language, Time and currency format, and Keyboard input. On this screen press and hold down the Shift key and press F10. That will bring up the command prompt. Once you have the command prompt up, follow the instructions on my next post.
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