Re-starting in Safe Mode-Won't take Password Solved

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  1.    25 Apr 2018 #31

    Sorry, was not available today.
    What drive letter did you determine Windows is on?

    While you are in that drive letter type
    bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot
    Then type EXIT and enter.

    That was suggestion #1 to try. If that doesn't work, next one was:

    Go to the drive letter of Windows. At the command prompt type regedit and press Enter. Then follow the directions in the guide to activate the Admin account.
    You need to use Option 5 in this guide

    Enable or Disable Elevated Administrator account in Windows 10 Windows 10 Tutorials
    Once the Administrator account is enabled, switch users and use this account to login. There is no password for this account. Just leave the password blank and hit Enter.
    Once you are at the Desktop, right click the Start button and click on Run. Type msconfig in the run box and click OK.
    On the screen that pops up, click on "Normal Startup". That will get you out of safe mode.
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  2.    25 Apr 2018 #32

    I did what you said I got in with the regedit, once it got to the admin enable, I was at my desktop...but I am in safe mode in the admin account. I went to msconfig and checked the normal startup, but when I restarted I still had 2 user sign was the pass worded account I cant get in...the other is the admin. when I choose the admn it is still in safe mode at my desk top
    That's where it's at now...Admin, safe mode on desktop.
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  3.    25 Apr 2018 #33

    fleet420 said: View Post
    I did what you said I got in with the regedit, once it got to the admin enable, I was at my desktop...but I am in safe mode in the admin account. I went to msconfig and checked the normal startup, but when I restarted I still had 2 user sign was the pass worded account I cant get in...the other is the admin. when I choose the admn it is still in safe mode at my desk top
    That's where it's at now...Admin, safe mode on desktop.
    Oh I'm sorry - I misunderstood.
    Are you doing it in this tab?
    Click image for larger version. 

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       25 Apr 2018 #34

    Hi Fleet420

    I believe both of your accounts are admin accounts. The one you activated is an elevated admin account.

    The reason members wanted you to get into the elevated Admin was so you could reset password on your normal account. Is your normal account a local account or a Microsoft Account (looks like an email address.). If it is a local account click Start => Settings => Accounts => Family and others, click on the account you don't know password for and reset /change it.

    Realize you have two issues, one safemode, one password forgotten.
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  5.    25 Apr 2018 #35

    Now the elevated Admin account is enabled, all you have to do is right click the start button and click on Run, type msconfig in the box, and press Enter. A new window will pop up. You do not need to switch to the Boot tab. Stay on the General tab. Click on Normal startup. Click Apply. Restart your computer.
    This time switch users again and choose your account and login with your pin.

    Disable the built in Administrative account. You do NOT have to use option 5. Pick any one that seems easiest for you.
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  6.    26 Apr 2018 #36

    Went to msconfig and looked in the Boot section and there were 2 Admin user accounts. One was the one that I can't get into, the other was the Elevated Admin account.
    In the Boot section on the bottom there are boxes one of them is safe mode, when I highlighted the account I am locked out of the safe mode box is/was checked. So, I unchecked it, and restarted and I am actually on it now, but I want to go to MY user account. so, what do I do now, go to settings and do what you said? and disable the Elevated Admin.?
    Went to settings like you said above, the windows i have is not activated so where does that leave me? I am sort of confused as to how to get back to my desktop. It has never been activated, but everything except being able to personalize works. Can I go to,... Control Panel/User Accounts/Manage Accounts... then pick manage another account, then my desktop admin user account is there to choose, then choose to change password. Will this work? and if so should I then restart in that account and put new password in..and pray.
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  7.    26 Apr 2018 #37

    I'm sorry but I'm not following what you are doing. Did you read what I said in post #35? From the desktop of the Admin account right click on the Start box, click on Run, type in msconfig in the run box, and press Enter. A screen will come up, Don't go to the Boot tab. You don't have to click on any tabs, just click on Normal startup. Click Apply and restart computer. Then login as yourself and use your pin for the password.
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  8. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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       26 Apr 2018 #38

    I know to many cooks in kitchen is bad news but I have to ask. Have you gained access to your old admin account. The one you call "My" account. It appears not if I'm following.

    Did you see my post #34 on changing password to "My" (your old admin) account.
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  9.    26 Apr 2018 #39

    its kind of hard when one person says do this, then someones says do this, so I get confused. here's where I'm at. I can see both accounts, but have yet to be able to get to my original account, which is called PC USER Administrator and the one I am on now is the Elevated Admin.
    I will list what I have done and what happened.
    When I first got 'IN' with the Elevated Admin I went to the Run and put MSCONFIG in and did what was suggested, I unchecked the Start in Safe Mode box. Then I restarted.
    When it was restarting there were two choices to get in, two users. I choose the one that I was trying to get in,(PC USER ADMIN), it went to the password protected start up and it was exactly the same screen with the same password clue. it did the same did not recognize my password.
    I then choose the other account (Elevated Admin) this let me in to a...looks like a new desktop like I just bought and started it. I went back to the run and again put in MSCONFIG and the boot on safe mode was still not checked so....I restarted again and got the same results. So I opened the Elevated account.
    I went back to run and put MSCONFIG in and was just looking and I hit on the Boot heading in in System Config and both users were there.
    The are 2 entries
    One is the Elevated Windows Admin Accnt, it is called,
    Windows 10 (C:/Windows) : Current OS

    The 2nd one is my account (that I can't get in)
    It's called
    AVG Antivirus Clear Uninstall (C:Windows) : Default

    at the bottom of System Config. there are boxes (Boot Options) when I highlight the 2nd choice, the AVG Clear Uninstall (MY ACCT) the box that says Safe Boot is checked.
    I did uncheck it...when I did that and restarted it was out of safe mode... but still was only letting me get into the Elevated Admin Account.

    Here's what I do know, this account, like I said it was this guys business copy of Windows, the entire time I have had it, it has said that Windows is not Activated, in the lower right corner. It did not stop me from doing anything and I just figured since it was his business he did not want to activate it for me. Really I don't know why he didn't, I just know for 2 years the only thing it stopped me from doing is personalizing my windows.
    So, what do you think...I am on a desktop but of course I would like to be in my user account, all my stuff is there, but if I don't is there something else I can do, like just make the account I am on my new account or add a new user and delete my old one.
    OR maybe I'm missing a step...or made a mistake...I have given you all the steps to what I did, the only thing I have not done is to disable the Elevated Admin......
    But I think it is as you say I think I was Admin to begin with, at least it calls the account USER Admin.
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  10.    26 Apr 2018 #40

    ALSO, when I go to settings/accounts/Family
    there is no family in there,.. it shows the Elevated Admin as my account, but if I go to 'Other Users' it shows MY User account (the one I can not get in) and it says I can change the password and I can change what type of an account it is, Administrator or Standard User,... should I do it there (should I switch to a reg user??)? and go back and put that check that I unchecked in the Boot Section on System Config.? You follow what I mean?
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