UAC Problems.

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    Uac !

    Ed !,

    Thanks for your information. . We live and learn !.

    Still battling with my 'greyed out ' YES '.. but am not on call today so with help from
    Denis and yourself I will, given that I have some time , give it my best shot again !.


    Alan A.
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    So what is the current situation?

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    I have just got round to making another effort and am currently looking at the command prompt screen.
    I have double checked my entries...although I must check that the third entry reads 'enter net user NewAdminPrimary.

    The response reads.. 'Enter' is not recognized as an internal or exexternal command, operable program or batch file '.
    So I entered it as
    net user NewAdminPrimary ... the response to this was ' The user name could not be found '

    Can I ask regards copying and pasting , which I do regularly but never before from a cmd screen, how if I am not on the internet when I have highlighted and copied a line or a screen can I paste the results to you ?

    So the situation persists as before , with the response to the third entry !.

    Hope this helps,

    Alan A .
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    1 My para 4.2.2 - "By "Enter" below, I mean type what I have shown in italics then press the Enter/Return button."

    2 Since net user NewAdminPrimary gets the response The user name could not be found then the user account has not been created. So, to check just where you are please enter net user [without anything else after it] to get a list of all the user accounts that exist and tell me what is there.
    - Ignore the entries Administrator, DefaultAccount, Guest, [if present] defaultuser0, WDAGUtilityAccount - they are all system accounts.
    - It is the other entries that will be of interest. You ought to find the ones you have just created - NewAdminPrimary & possibly NewAdminReserve. You will also find an entry for the user account you already had. This might be listed with the name you recognise or it might not [we can discuss that later because it is not an immediate concern & there are several possible variations depending on if & how you created the account / converted it into an MSAccount].

    3 About copying from a computer that is not connected to the internet, copy text from the Command prompt window into a Notepad file then copy that file to a USB stick and from there to the computer that you have connected to the internet. Sometimes it can be easier to set a mobile phone / digital camera to a low resolution mode and just take a photo then upload it here.

    4 As long as you are using that Administrator account, you will soon complete the whole thing. Whatever is holding you up at the moment can be resolved. [That's why I wanted to confirm things using that whoami command earlier on]

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    Denis !

    Thanks again for your help !..

    I am attaching an image of the current screen which hopefully will be of help !.

    I imagine that the 3 entries from 'net users' mean that ive missed something !

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20180421_170526.jpg 
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    My para 4.2.2 - "By "Enter" below, I mean type what I have shown in italics then press the Enter/Return button."
    If the Admin prompt has a greyed out or missing Yes button ...

    You are not entering the commands as I have given them [the lack of spaces is messing things up].
    net user /add NewAdminPrimary 12345
    net localgroup Administrators NewAdminPrimary /add
    You left out the space before /add in both cases.

    [[Just as you can use a USB stick to copy things from the computer you are fixing to the internet-connected one, so you can use a USB stick to copy from the internet-connected one to the computer you are fixing. I don't think that added complication is needed in this particular case but thought I should point that out to you.]]

    [[I cannot see the whole list of user accounts in your photo, only the first line. You would need to scroll down to see all the results of the net user command.]]

    So, repeat the commands
    net user /add NewAdminPrimary 12345
    net localgroup Administrators NewAdminPrimary /add
    net user
    then either take another photo[s] so I can see what has been done or just describe the responses instead.

    You are almost there - the typos in the commands are all that is holding you back.

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    Hi Denis,

    Have had some success ?.. attached image would suggest so... or not !

    One problem has arisen though , nothing happens when I left click the start button...
    I opened the cmd via the run command ! Is this significant ?..

    Look forward to hearing your next guiding information !.

    Thanks again,

    Alan.Click image for larger version. 

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    Denis here's another image. Taken when I tried to open msconfig ..
    It asks for a password, does this mean success at last ?


    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20180422_130850.jpg 
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    It looks good. Just to check, enter this
    net user NewAdminPrimary
    to see the new account's properties and check that its Local group memberships line has the entry Administrators in it [this is also in the plural; and it does not matter that it also has the entry Users].

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    Wouldn't it have been easier to just add the user "Alan" to the Administrators group?
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