UAC Problems.

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    About "the list of accounts doesn't appear but the safe mode Desktop does" - I think that you had previously set up your computer to boot straight up into your user account without having to stop & log in.

    This is explained in my para 3.1 and forces you to use the modified step referred to in my para 3.5
    - When you press 4 / F4 to start booting into Safe mode, you must immediately press & hold the Shift key.
    - The list of accounts will then appear.

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    Good evening Denis,

    Took your advice and opened up Safe Mode screen..a password box appeared SO firstly is this where I should enter my chosen password ?
    Secondly, I ran the cmd entries ... accurately I think !..
    Following the third entry ..enter net user NewAdminPrimary
    the line read something like ' failed to recognise user , then suggested where I could find more help !.. and repeated the User Administrator prompt !.
    Is my error caused by my failure to set up a password in the Safe Mode Desktop ?...or something else ?


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    Denis !

    Tried again..NOW when selecting Administrator on the Safe Mode error message has appeared !..
    Exception Processing Message Ox7ffea8ac1d28Ox7ffea8ac1d28Ox7ffea8ac1d28Ox7ffea8ac1d28 .
    Followed by a box ' always use this app '.
    Never seen these before ?

    HELP !... Alan.
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    Denis!... me again !

    I have succeeded with the cmd entries to the point where after the third entry there is a response but unlike your notes in 4.2.2 although following 'local group' it shows 'user's.. There is no 'Administrator ' to be seen !.
    Have missed something ?.
    Sorry to keep burdening you !.
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    1 "Took your advice and opened up Safe Mode screen..a password box appeared SO firstly is this where I should enter my chosen password ?" - I cannot decide what you are saying. Are you saying that there is a list of user accounts on the left of the screen and a normal password box in the middle with the name of the last user who logged in above that? If so then you have reached my para 3.7 and you need to click on the username Administrator that should be shown in the list of available accounts. There is no "chosen password" to enter, just click on the username Administrator and it will log you in as the Administrator.

    2 ................

    I am now reading three of your replies and I am completely lost. I cannot tell what you are doing.


    Please just enter net user and tell me what is listed. Perhaps one of your earlier commands was entered incorrectly and the account names are not what was intended.

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    And while you are at it, in any command prompt enter whoami just to confirm the username of the account you are logged in with.

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    Denis !.. my apologies for getting somewhat confused !

    I first entered net user/addNewAdminPrimary12345

    Then.. net localgroupAdministratorsNewAdminPrimary/add addNewAdminPrimary12345

    Then I repeated this as advised at 4.3

    whoami toshiba/administrator .

    Think my entries were accurate !.. or were they ?

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    The "toshiba/administrator" confirms that your are indeed logged in as the Administrator [i.e. the special Built-In Administrator] so we are on track whatever stumbles have happened along the way.

    I cannot tell if there are typos in the commands you have entered or just in your posts here. Both
    net user /add NewAdminPrimary 12345
    net localgroup Administrators NewAdminPrimary /add
    have spaces between the words.

    If net user NewAdminPrimary does not show on the Local group memberships line that this is part of the Administrators group then repeat the command
    net localgroup Administrators NewAdminPrimary /add
    [you can just copy & paste the commands from my article to avoid typos]

    If there is any doubt at all then enter net user NewAdminPrimary and select all the results and paste them here for me to see.

    I think you are almost there. The current problem is merely that I cannot look over your shoulder to confirm exactly what is going on.

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    "select all the results and paste them here for me to see" depended on an unjustified assumption. You might not know how to copy from a command prompt window.
    1 In the command prompt window select text just as you would in, say, a Word document - hold down the left-button of your mouse/trackpad and move the cursor across everything you want. The selected text will be highlighted in yellow. If you have made a mistake just click anywhere to unselect everything & start again.
    2 Press Ctrl-C [i.e. press the control key and the letter c at the same time] to copy the text highlighted in yellow - the highlighting then disappears.
    3 In a post here just press Ctrl-V [control and the letter v at the same time] to paste the text in here.

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    Just a parenthetical remark about output from the WhoAmI command:

    If you log in with a Microsoft Account (MSA) you'll see the machine name followed by the first 5 letters of your account name (not the whole thing). Thus somebody logged into a PC named T520 with the account would get T520\bobsm in response to the whoami command.

    In fact, this is the convention used for "shortening" MSAs to create a folder name for that user's folder in C:\Users, so you would also see a folder named C:\Users\bobsm on the T520 PC in File Explorer as well.

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