I had been away from the Insider program for a while, and today I went back to look at what was happening in Settings>Windows Update>Windows Insider Program. No account linked - despite the fact that my MS account is registered. I tried to login, but got nowhere.
I then noticed under Settings>Accounts>My Info that there was an option to add a Microsoft account, which again was weird considering I login to Windows with my MS account, and have OneDrive and Office running on it.
So, I tried to log in but just got some error about 'Oooops something went wrong...'.
I then noticed that my sync options were unavailable as there was a message about '..only being available if logged in with a MS account'.
Couldn't work out what was going on. So, I created another admin account with the exact same MS account as my main one, and hey presto, everything works on that account - Insider Program, Account Info, etc.!
Now, I don't want to have to uninstall/reinstall all my apps etc.
Can anyone help in sorting out the problem with my original account?