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  1.    26 Mar 2018 #11

    "should be OK if I create a new, local user with the name I want (and a blank password), sign in with this user, then delete the Microsoft account, along with the user profile folders that went with it"
    Follow the steps in All settings\Accounts\Your info\Sign in with a local account instead (may have to set a password and/or convert standard acct to admin). Before you sign into Local account as admin and delete the MS account, make sure you copy over all the folder under This PC to the corresponding This PC folders under the new, correctly named User (don't worry, you'll get a warning that you are about to delete MS user's files). When you sign in with Local account go back to the Accounts page in All settings and you'll see an options to convert to MS account and just enter credentials. DONE !

    "could I achieve the same by doing a factory reset and signing in for the first time with the local account I want?"
    Yes ! But the factory reset from the recovery partition may re-install the bloatware you removed and there's no need to go to this extent. This User name thing is why, on every new PC that I set up, I install a Local Account first, make sure the User name and password are exactly as the Owner wants, then set up MS email account from that, before any personal files get added. But, the short of it is, easiest to just use the add Local, make admin, delete MS after copying files procedure, especially if PC is fairly new. Now, you're reassured !
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       26 Mar 2018 #12

    Thank you alphanumeric. At the risk of trying your patience, when you say switching the local to a MS account, I'm not sure that's what I meant. I just want to use the MS account whilst logged on as a local user. Just thought, if I add an MS account then there will be the attendant user profile folders?
    Basically, I don't want to have duplicate folders with different user names, nor have a set of user profile folders doing nothing but taking up space - my SSD is only 128Gb and I know how quick thats going to fill up.
    When you agree that a factory reset will do it, I assume you mean as an alternative to creating local account? Which would be preferable.
    Really appreciate your, and others' time, with this. It feels like I've never dealt with Windows before (which i have) and probably sounds like it too
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  3.    26 Mar 2018 #13

    "when you say switching the local to a MS account, I'm not sure that's what I meant. I just want to use the MS account whilst logged on as a local user."

    He means that this is what your current Accounts page looks like in Settings.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    With a Local user, the line with the pointer above, will say 'Sign in with MS account instead' or something like that. The User name on the This PC folders will still have the desired name that you set up with a new Local acct, whether you then use an MS acct or not, because when the new Profile is set up, the File explorer pointers go to these folders. The advantage of an MS acct after you set up a new Local acct name is that you get access to all the Store apps and device location features, etc.
    Contrarily, if you now elect to sign in with a Local account with your mis-named acct, the Pictures and Documents folders will still have the unwanted name in C:\Windows\Users since it's the same profile/user, just different levels of features access.
    Making a 2nd different Local acct from the current, sets up a 2nd profile which is why you have to transfer the This PC folder contents over, if you want to retain. Hope that helps.

    Edit, PS; Brink just posted this new tutorial today. The first 3 paragraphs might help you understand the create new User process better - Enable or Disable Log On Users with Temporary Profiles in Windows
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  4.    26 Mar 2018 #14

    Yes that's what I meant ^^^
    If you log in the first time with a local user account your user folder gets that name. Then even if you switch that account to a Microsoft account login, the user folder name does not change. You can switch back to a local account logon if you want too. I do believe you have to reboot and log in again so you may not want to do frequently. The only time I ever switch back to a local account is for testing something. 99% of the time I use my Microsoft Account. I'm lucky in a way. My email address is kerry.wat... so my user folder gets named Kerry by default.
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       27 Mar 2018 #15

    Well, I made a bit of schoolboy error at first by using the 'sign in with a local account' setting rather than creating a new local user account. When I realised what I'd done I created a new account (although Windows wouldn't let me have the name I wanted as it was close to the old one I presume) called 'Owner', copied the folders across, deleted the Microsoft account, created another local account with the name I wanted, copied across again, deleted the Owner account, and Bob's your Auntie!

    It was actually really simple and straightforward, so thank you for helping with this. I have messed around with user account in the past - although not in Windows 10 - and it's always ended in either disaster or a long-winded fix, so I was really nervous at doing this.

    These kind of forums, in whatever subject, are such a valuable source of information and expertise. I am humbled and grateful. I don't think I shall ever be in a position of knowledge to help others as you have helped me, but, hopefully, my question(s), along with your help and advice, will be of use to others with similar problems.

    I shall, if I can, close this thread, and thank you all again.

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  6.    27 Mar 2018 #16

    "I created a new account ... called 'Owner', copied the folders across, deleted the Microsoft account, created another local account with the name I wanted, copied across again, deleted the Owner account, and Bob's your Auntie!"

    One extra step but a good learning experience for you. Now you should see the option to use your new User name with a MS email in the Accounts section, instead of Local, as in my screenshot. Next computer you set up from scratch, remember to use a Local Acct to start and then attach a MS sign-in to it later.
    Close the thread by marking it Solved so others can find it in a Forum search. Cheers.
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    Next time I will certainly remember to do just that ! :)

    Thanks for all your help.
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    One thing to watch out for when creating a new account is, I do believe the second account created will by default be a "standard user". If so, in this case, you want to change that to administrator. And you want to do it before you delete the only administrator account on the PC. Standard Users cannot elevate themselves to Admin's. An Admin account has to do it. The first account created during setup is an admin by default. After that though it defaults to standard user.
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