Access is denied in wmic Solved

  1.    13 Mar 2018 #1

    Access is denied in wmic

    A Windows server 2008 R2 with the name "delta" use Workgroup "WORKGROUP" (So is not member of a domain).
    On system "delta", beside account "administrator", an other account "sysadmin" is created with account type Administrator.
    The other Windows system has the name "gamma".
    It is possible to access the system "delta" from system "gamma" with remote desktop.
    This access succeeds both with the accounts "administrator" and "sysadmin" and the corresponding passwords.
    From system "gamma", with the command, "wmic" data can be requested from system "delta".
    This works correct with account "administrator".

    wmic:root\cli>/node:delta /user:administrator /password:xxxxx cpu get name
    Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1220 V2 @ 3.10GHz

    For account "sysadmin" the command "Dcomcnfg" is started on system "delta".
    Expand Component Service – Computers – My computer
    Open the properties of My Computer and select “COM Security” tab.
    Under COM Security, click "Edit Limits" for "Access Permissions".
    The account "sysadmin" got "Remote Access".
    Click "Edit Limits" for "Launch and Activation Permissions".
    The account "sysadmin" got "Remote Launch" and "Remote Activation" permissions.

    Expand Component Service – Computers – My computer - CDOM Config
    Open the properties of "Windows Management and Instrumentation".
    Choice tab "Security"
    Click "Edit" for "Launch and Activation Permissions".
    The account "sysadmin" got "remote Launch" and "Remote Activation" permissions.
    Click "Edit" for "Access Permissions".
    The account "sysadmin" got "Remote Access" permissions.

    Still I get "Access is denied" with wmic from system "gamma" to system "delta".

    wmic:root\cli>/node:delta /user:sysadmin /password:yyyyy cpu get name
    Node - delta
    Description = Access is denied

    How can I solve this problem?
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  2.    13 Mar 2018 #2

    There's a bunch of good stuff on this available, courtesy of Bing:
    troubleshooting wmic permissions for remote access - Bing

    The first 5 items look spot on. Hope you find some relief in one or more of them.
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  3.    19 Mar 2018 #3

    The problem was solved after adding permissions for the user "sysadmin" on system "delta" to the
    WMI namespace.

    Open WMImgmt.msc on system "delta"
    Go to the Properties of WMI Control
    Go to the Security Tab
    Select "Root" "CIMV2" and open "Security"
    Add user "sysadmin"
    Ensure "sysadmin" has "Execute Methods",
    "Provider Write" and "Enable Account" right;

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  4.    19 Mar 2018 #4

    Glad you got it sorted. Great detective work!
    Best wishes,
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  5.    01 Apr 2018 #5

    This WMI stuff is over my head but I have a problem that led me here. I cannot choose the default app I want to use in some cases. Brink suggests I reregister apps. But, In Powershell, I cannot run Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}. It gives me an error "Access is denied." Reading another site "You have to grant that user WMI permissions." My question is - Am I on the right track. I read a tutorial by Shawn Brink ( but there was no mention of "Access is denied" error.
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  6.    02 Apr 2018 #6

    Never mind. I got it. I needed to run Powershell with admin priv.
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