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Just to be clear...
So it's not like Win 7 where every 2-3 days Win automatically created a restore point and if I want it to behave as it was before I have to restore this feature manually now, as explained above, for Win 10 FCU 1709?
Or 'SystemRestorePointCreationFrequency' is just to change interval check, but will still work as in quoted text?
Hello hexaae, :)

Windows will still automatically create the usual scheduled restore points.

"SystemRestorePointCreationFrequency" is for if an app, command, or schedule calls to create a restore point in Windows 10, system restore will only create the restore point if no other restore point has already been created within the past 24 hours (1440 minutes) by default. If it's been longer than 24 hours since the last restore point, it will get created. Changing the "SystemRestorePointCreationFrequency" allows you to change the default 24 hours to what you want instead based on your needs.

Users can always manually create a restore point at any time from within the System Restore user interface though.