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Hi Brink,

Thanks for your tutorial.

I just gave it a try and OneDrive seems to synchronizing a local folder with one on OneDrive.
(local: X:\JPG -> JPG on OneDrive)

The X:\JPG folder is on my desktop PC.

I would like to have the same setup with my laptop: on my laptop there is also a JPG folder. Is it possible to have that synchronized with JPG on OneDrive?

Secondly, is there a way to perform synchronization from OneDrive to any local drive (either laptop or PC) ONLY when the folder is accessible.

Both local folders are on an password protected encrypted drive, the folders are not available unless I open those drives.

Probably dumb questions, but frankly speaking, so far I have never been using OneDrive, except then for sharing files with friends. Am using laptop since a couple of days, hence I am investing how to best use OneDrive.
I haven't tested, but you should be able to use the same method to sync any folder with OneDrive.