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The Game bar is a Xbox app Game DVR feature that lets you record and share game clips and screenshots in Windows 10. However, you can also use the Game bar to record and take screenshots of any app in Windows 10.

When you open the Game bar for a specific app or game, that specific game or app is remembered as a game by the Game DVR. This way you will be able to use the Game bar keyboard shortcuts and no longer have to check the Yes, this is a game box to open the Game bar for that app or game.

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You will sometimes see a Game bar tip when starting apps and games that are remembered as games by the Game DVR.

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For more information, see: New Features in Preview for Xbox App on Windows 10 and Xbox One

This tutorial will show you how to no longer have the Xbox app's Game DVR remember a game or app that you opened the Game bar to record video or take screenshots of for your account in Windows 10.

EXAMPLE: Game bar
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Here's How:

1. While you have the game or app open that you want the Game DVR to forget, press the Windows + G keys to open the Game bar.

2. Click/tap on the Settings button. (see screenshot below)

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3. Uncheck the box for the Remember this as a game setting. (see screenshot below)

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That's it,