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How to Clear Windows Update History in Windows 10

information   Information
Windows 10 is a service, which means that it is upgraded with periodic software updates.

While you can manually check for updates, Windows 10 will automatically download and install updates when available, except on metered connections (where charges may apply). In that case, only those updates required to keep Windows running smoothing will automatically download.

Microsoft releases important updates every second Tuesday once a month, known as Patch Tuesday. However, updates could be released at any time.

An update history is available so you can view which updates were installed, and when. You can also uninstall updates if necessary.

For more about update history, see: Windows 10 update history - Windows Help

Sometimes you may need or want to clear your Windows Update history.

This tutorial will show you how to clear the Windows Update history on your Windows 10 PC.

You must be signed in as an administrator to clear the Windows Update history.

EXAMPLE: Windows Update history before and after cleared
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Here's How:

1. Click/tap on the Download button below to download the .bat file below.



Note   Note
This is the contents of the .bat file for reference:
@echo off
powershell -windowstyle hidden -command "Start-Process cmd -ArgumentList '/s,/c,net stop wuauserv & del %systemroot%\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore\Logs\edb.log & net start wuauserv' -Verb runAs"

2. Save the .bat file to your desktop.

3. Unblock the .bat file.

4. Run the .bat file.

5. When prompted by UAC, click/tap on Yes to approve the .bat file to run as administrator.

6. You will now see a command prompt flash and quickly open and close to clear your update history.

That's it,