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How to Change Theme Mode for Movies & TV app in Windows 10

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The Movies & TV app is included with Windows 10, and let's you have all your movies and TV shows, all in one place, on all your devices.

Movies & TV brings you the latest entertainment in one app on Windows. On your PC and Windows Mobile, the app lets you play and manage videos from your personal collection. On all your devices, you can use the app to browse and play movies and TV shows you’ve purchased from the Store.

You can change the mode for the Movies & TV app to use a light, dark, or default system setting theme.

This tutorial will show you how to change the Movies & TV app mode to use a light or dark theme for your account in Windows 10.

EXAMPLE: Movies & TV app in light and dark mode
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Size:  70.9 KB Name:  Movies&TV_dark_mode.jpg
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Here's How:

1. Open the Movies & TV app.

2. Click/tap on the More options (3 dots) button at the top right corner, and click/tap on Settings. (see screenshot below)

Name:  Movies&TV_mode-1.jpg
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3. Under Mode, select (dot) Light, Dark, or Use system setting for what you want. (see screenshot below)

Name:  Movies&TV_mode-2.jpg
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4. You will see your change the next time you start the Movies & TV app.

That's it,