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How to Convert NTFS to FAT32 without Data Loss in Windows

information   Information
FAT32 (File Address Table 32) and NTFS (New Technology File System) are two different file systems that can be used to format a volume on a disk in Windows.

Unless you use 3rd party software, you would normally need to format a volume to convert it from NTFS to FAT32 in Windows. You would of course lose all data on the volume doing that.

This tutorial will show you how to convert NTFS to FAT32 volumes without data loss in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

You must be signed in as an administrator to convert NTFS to FAT32.

Note   Note
FAT32 vs NTFS Basic Comparison:

Introduced in 1977. Introduced in July 1993.
Supports maximum file size of 4 GB. File size only limited by size of volume.
Supports maximum volume size of 32 GB. Supports maximum volume size of 2 TB.
Does not support file compression. Supports file compression.
Does not support file access permissions. Supports file access permissions.
Does not support Encrypting File System (EFS). Supports Encrypting File System (EFS).
Does not support System Restore. Supports System Restore.
Does not support Previous Versions. Supports Previous Versions.
Does not support disk quotas. Supports disk quotas.
Does not support reparse points. Supports reparse points.
Does not support sparse files. Supports sparse files.

Here's How:

1. If you haven't already, you will need to download and install the free AOMEI NTFS to FAT32 Converter.

2. Open Aomei Ntfs2Fat32 Pro Edition.

3. Select (dot) the NTFS to FAT32 option, and click/tap on Next. (see screenshot below)

Name:  Aomei_Ntfs2Fat32-1.png
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4. Select the NTFS volume you want to convert to FAT32, and click/tap on Next. (see screenshot below)

Name:  Aomei_Ntfs2Fat32-2.png
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5. Click/tap on Proceed to start the conversion. (see screenshot below)

Name:  Aomei_Ntfs2Fat32-3.png
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6. Click/tap on Yes to confirm. (see screenshot below)

Name:  Aomei_Ntfs2Fat32-4.png
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7. The conversion will now start. (see screenshot below)

Name:  Aomei_Ntfs2Fat32-5.png
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8. Click/tap on OK when the conversion has completed successfully. (see screenshot below)

Name:  Aomei_Ntfs2Fat32-6.png
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9. Click/tap on Finish. (see screenshot below)

Name:  Aomei_Ntfs2Fat32-7.png
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10. You can now close Aomei Ntfs2Fat32 Pro Edition if you like.

That's it,