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How to See Startup Impact of Startup Apps in Windows 8 and Windows 10

information   Information
Starting with Windows 8, new functionality has been added to Windows to ensure that end users are always in control of the apps that run on their systems. The Startup tab in Task Manager shows a list of startup apps, along with controls that allow users to disable startup apps. To help users determine what to disable, Task Manager displays a measure of each startup app’s impact. Impact is assessed based on an app’s CPU and disk usage at startup.

For more details, see: Desktop Startup apps - Compatibility Cookbook

This tutorial will show you how to see what the startup impact is for your startup apps on your Windows 8 or Windows 10 PC.

Here's How:

1. Open Task Manager in more details view.

2. Click/tap on the Startup tab in Task Manager. (see screenshots below)

3. You will now see the Startup impact of your startup items.
Note   Note
Impact values are determined by applying these criteria:

Startup impact Description
High Apps that use more than 1 second (1000 ms) of CPU time or more than 3 MB of disk I/O at startup
Medium Apps that use 300 ms - 1000 ms of CPU time or 300 KB - 3 MB of disk I/O
Low Apps that use less than 300 ms of CPU time and less than 300 KB of disk I/O
Not measured The application was not run at startup.
None The startup app has been disabled and was not run at startup.
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