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List of Commands to Open Microsoft Store Apps in Windows 10

This tutorial will provide you with a list of Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) commands to open specific Windows 10 Store apps via the command prompt, Run (Win+R) dialog, and scripts. You can also use these commands to create shortcuts.

The commands in the table below work as is to open apps from the Run (Win+R) dialog, address bar of File Explorer, address bar of web browser.

To use the commands to open apps from a command prompt or script (ex: .bat), you would need to add the Start command with a space after it in front of the command in the table below.

For example, command below to use for Action Center in command prompt:

Start ms-actioncenter:

App URI Command
3D Builder
Action Center ms-actioncenter:
Alarms & Clock ms-clock:
Available Networks ms-availablenetworks:
Calculator calculator:
Calendar outlookcal:
Candy Crush Soda Saga candycrushsodasaga:
Connect ms-projection:
Cortana ms-cortana:
Device Discovery ms-settings-connectabledevices:devicediscovery
Drawboard PDF drawboardpdf:
Facebook fb:
Feedback Hub feedback-hub:
Get Help ms-contact-support:
Groove Music mswindowsmusic:
Mail outlookmail:
Maps bingmaps:
Microsoft Edge microsoft-edge:
Microsoft Solitaire Collection xboxliveapp-1297287741:
Microsoft Store ms-windows-store:
Microsoft Store - Music
Microsoft Store - Movies & TV
Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition minecraft:
Mixed Reality Camera ms-holocamera:
Mixed Reality Portal ms-holographicfirstrun:
Movies & TV mswindowsvideo:
News bingnews:
OneNote onenote:
Paint 3D ms-paint:
People ms-people:
Project Display ms-settings-displays-topology:projection
Settings ms-settings:
Tips ms-get-started:
Twitter twitter:
View 3D Preview
Voice Recorder ms-callrecording:
Weather bingweather:
Windows Defender Security Center windowsdefender:
Windows Mixed Reality Environments ms-environment-builder:
Windows Parental Controls ms-wpc:
Xbox xbox:
Xbox - Friends list
Xbox - Profile page
Xbox - Network settings
Xbox - Settings
Xbox One SmartGlass smartglass:

That's it,