Change Location of OneDrive Folder in Windows 10  

    Change Location of OneDrive Folder in Windows 10

    Change Location of OneDrive Folder in Windows 10

    How to Change the Location of your OneDrive Folder in Windows 10
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    08 Jul 2018
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    How to Change the Location of your OneDrive Folder in Windows 10

    OneDrive is a free online storage service that comes bundled with Windows 10. You can use OneDrive with your Microsoft account to save your files there and you'll be able to get to them from any PC, tablet, or phone.

    Windows 10 syncs your OneDrive online with the OneDrive folder on your PC.

    By default, Windows stores your OneDrive folder in your account's %UserProfile% folder (ex: "C:\Users\Brink").

    You can change where files in this OneDrive folder are stored to another place on the hard drive or another drive.

    This tutorial will show you how to change the default location of your OneDrive folder to where you want in Windows 10.

    Here's How:

    1. Right click or press and hold on the OneDrive icon on the taskbar notification area, click/tap on the menu (3 dots) button, and click/tap on Settings. (see screenshot below)

    If OneDrive is currently not running to show this icon, then run: %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\OneDrive\OneDrive.exe

    Name:  OneDrive_settings.jpg
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Size:  49.6 KB

    2. Click/tap on the Account tab, and click/tap on the Unlink this PC link under OneDrive. (see screenshot below)

    Name:  Unlink_OneDrive-2.png
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Size:  23.0 KB

    3. Click/tap on Unlink account to confirm. (see screenshot below)

    Name:  Unlink_OneDrive-3.png
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Size:  14.7 KB

    4. OneDrive will now be unlinked from this PC and stop syncing files to your account in Windows 10. Leave this Set up OneDrive window open for now. You will need to return to it later at step 9 below. (see screenshot below)

    Name:  Move_OneDrive_folder_location-1-6.png
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Size:  26.7 KB

    5. Open the location (ex: "%UserProfile%") of where your OneDrive folder is in File Explorer, click/tap on the Home tab, and click/tap on the Move to button in the ribbon. (see screenshot below)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Move_OneDrive_folder_location-2.png 
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Size:	72.0 KB 
ID:	117421

    6. Click/tap on Choose location in the drop down. (see screenshot below)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Move_OneDrive_folder_location-3.png 
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Size:	78.0 KB 
ID:	117423

    7. Browse to and select the location (ex: "E:" drive) where you want to move your OneDrive folder, and click/tap on Move. (see screenshot below)

    Name:  Move_OneDrive_folder_location-4.png
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Size:  27.3 KB

    8. The OneDrive folder and all of its contents will now start moving to the new location (ex: "E:" drive). (see screenshot below)

    Name:  Move_OneDrive_folder_location-5.png
Views: 10365
Size:  13.3 KB

    9. When it has finished moving, return to the Set up OneDrive window from step 4 above, enter the email address for your Microsoft account, and click/tap on Sign in. (see screenshot below)

    Name:  Move_OneDrive_folder_location-1-6.png
Views: 10528
Size:  26.7 KB

    10. Enter the password for your Microsoft account, and click/tap on Sign in. (see screenshot below)

    Name:  Set_up_OneDrive-2.png
Views: 7278
Size:  22.7 KB

    11. If you have turned on two-step verification for your Microsoft account, select how (ex: text) you want to receive your code, fill out any other required information, and click/tap on Send code. (see screenshot below)

    Name:  Set_up_OneDrive-3.png
Views: 7286
Size:  26.2 KB

    A) Enter the code you received from Microsoft, and click/tap on Submit. (see screenshot below)

    Name:  Set_up_OneDrive-4.png
Views: 7278
Size:  26.8 KB

    12. Click/tap on the Change location link. (see screenshot below)

    Name:  Move_OneDrive_folder_location-10.png
Views: 10275
Size:  26.1 KB

    13. Browse to the location (ex: "E:" drive) where you moved your OneDrive folder from step 7 above, select the OneDrive folder, and click/tap on Select Folder. (see screenshot below)

    Name:  Move_OneDrive_folder_location-11.png
Views: 10594
Size:  32.8 KB

    14. Click/tap on Use this location. (see screenshot below)

    Name:  Move_OneDrive_folder_location-12.png
Views: 10269
Size:  15.7 KB

    15. Verify that the new location (ex: "E:\OneDrive") is correct, and click/tap on Next. (see screenshot below)

    Name:  Move_OneDrive_folder_location-13.png
Views: 10280
Size:  30.2 KB

    16. When finished, looking through the Welcome to OneDrive guide, you can close the Microsoft OneDrive setup window. (see screenshots below)

    Name:  Set_up_OneDrive-8.png
Views: 7283
Size:  28.7 KB Name:  Set_up_OneDrive-9.png
Views: 7271
Size:  42.6 KB
    Name:  Set_up_OneDrive-10.png
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Size:  27.5 KB Name:  Set_up_OneDrive-11.png
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    Name:  Set_up_OneDrive-12.png
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Size:  28.9 KB Name:  Set_up_OneDrive-13.png
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Size:  23.7 KB

    17. Your OneDrive folder is now at the new location (ex: "E:\OneDrive" ) syncing the folders you had chosen in step 16 above. (see screenshots below)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Move_OneDrive_folder_location-16.png 
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Size:	121.6 KB 
ID:	117435

    That's it,

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  1. LEOPEVA64's Avatar
    Posts : 1,517
    WINDOWS 10 Pro x64 builds 17763.529, 18898,18362.116

    After doing this procedure, the option to free space appears grayed out:
    Name:  Free up.jpg
Views: 6351
Size:  41.5 KB
    Before doing it, it didn't appear that way, is that normal?

    Now to free space I have to go directly to each of the files:
    Name:  Free up 22.jpg
Views: 6380
Size:  48.9 KB

    Is this a consequence of changing the Onedrive folder to another disk?
      My ComputerSystem Spec

  2. Brink's Avatar
    Posts : 40,670
    64-bit Windows 10 Pro build 18932
    Thread Starter

    Hello Leo,

    It does indeed appear to be a consequence of changing the OneDrive folder location.
      My ComputersSystem Spec

  3.    #3

    Am not sure what will happen in the following scenario:

    Desktop PC - change location to a free partition that has space for 1TB
    One adds a few hundred GB to that OneDrive, say 500GB

    OneDrive on laptop is very limited though, say 100GB free space

    Assume it will start producing errors?

    It starts synchronizing...
      My ComputerSystem Spec

  4. Brink's Avatar
    Posts : 40,670
    64-bit Windows 10 Pro build 18932
    Thread Starter

    Hello @tfwul,

    This OneDrive folder is where the files are stored at on your PC. As long you have space available for where it's location, you should be fine.

    If you sync with OneDrive online (cloud), then it would depend on how much space you have available for it if would be able to sync it all or not.
      My ComputersSystem Spec

  5.    #5

    It is difficult to find information about the following scenario and maybe it is worthwhile considering to add this to this tutorial and/or to the 'fresh install' tutorial.

    Relocating the OneDrive to another drive, based on above tutorial that shouldn't be too much trouble.

    However, where it starts to become a little vague is the following.
    After having relocated OneDrive and then start a new Windows install (on a formatted drive), Windows will obviously create OneDrive on C: and will start synchronising the (worst case scenario 1TB Office 365) OneDrive from server with the small C: SSD OneDrive.

    Windows probably doesn't know that it has been relocated.

    What will happen then?
    Will Windows notice that the large OneDrive folder on the server will not fit on C and will ask whether a different folder should be used?
    Or stop synchronizing pending users actions?
    Or should the user stop the sync process?

      My ComputerSystem Spec

  6. Brink's Avatar
    Posts : 40,670
    64-bit Windows 10 Pro build 18932
    Thread Starter


    To be safe, I would skip the OneDrive option when prompted during installation. Afterwards, you can pick up at step 9 in the tutorial to setup OneDrive and select the folder at the location you wanted.
      My ComputersSystem Spec


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