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    Quote Originally Posted by nissimezra View Post
    Yes, I've been using eset since it lunched and I can tell you its great tool for cleanup. They have one of the best signatures
    I'm going to try others bcd to see if they work on hybrid. I think WD offline works.

    For me it is not a problem to lose an OS, my file in different partition just insert the USB delete the OS partition and I'm back within 30 minutes. The problem is the average user that suddenly find out that he doesn't have sys restore and those users will find it the hard way
    for me its not acceptable that MS did this without any warning

    thanks again for the links im going to try it.

    I agree with you on that one!
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    It exist a GUI for the commands prompt shutdown ?? Somethigs similar to configure all option from a gui and after that executed the finally commands from a command prompt ?

    If example i want to set a planned restart in 5 minutes i need to execute:
    shutdown /t 300 /r

    But if i can setup all value from a gui i thinks it's better..........
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    Hello DJ,

    I'm afraid that there's not a customizable shutdown UI available in Windows 10 unless you install some 3rd party app that may have that feature.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brink View Post
    Hello DJ,

    I'm afraid that there's not a customizable shutdown UI available in Windows 10 unless you install some 3rd party app that may have that feature.
    I stay in a develop a little AUTOIT GUI....... if i complete it i back to post here
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    there is seven options ,this one is option six + avoid errors

    i use to use shutdown -s -t 00 as shutdown and shutdown -r -t 00 to restart, where my windows had over a special protection that use sessions instread original windows session .sometimes installing something over then you restart/shutdown then you open again OS special session you got every changes back to 0 ... that's cool when every install not install OS components that needs to be updated to the system when you restart/shutdown. then you will got "Preparing to configure Windows ..Don't turn off your computer" then all things are stuck even you don't need that think to be upgrated while the special protection will set to 0 any settings,any install OS upgrades! to avoid to shutdown my laptop pressing the shutdown button i run this batch:
    rem stop Windows Update Service and the Background Intelligent Transfer Service
    net stop wuauserv
    net stop bits
    rem shutdown it
    shutdown -s -t 00
    rem stop Windows Update Service and the Background Intelligent Transfer Service
    net stop wuauserv
    net stop bits
    rem shutdown it
    shutdown -r -t 00
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    Shutdown Command GUI & Other Options

    Quote Originally Posted by DjDiabolik View Post
    It exist a GUI for the commands prompt shutdown ?? Something's similar to configure all option from a gui and after that executed the finally commands from a command prompt ?

    If example i want to set a planned restart in 5 minutes i need to execute:
    shutdown /t 300 /r

    But if i can setup all value from a gui i thinks it's better..........
    Hiya DJ, I know this is an old post but I was searching for something else and stumbled upon your question so I thought I'd see if I could help out. I believe you are asking for a way to have a GUI or applet to command a shutdown? The "Shutdown.exe" command does provide for such a desire. Additionally it can also function as a remote shutdown GUI as well, provided that your user rights are at the appropriate levels and verifiable by the target host, so typically in an AD/Domain scenario this works best, with a Workgroup/Home group scenario you may need to be logged in with a common account that is shared/used between all the hosts in order for this to work, if in an Active Directory or Domain it would be advisable to ensure that your user as well as the computer you execute this from are within an Admin Permission Level OU/Container.

    So how to do it? That's the super easy part, its making it work when the permissions aren't high enough that you'll have to try to figure it out. But here is how you would execute this:

    1. WIN+R To open Run Dialog

    2. Enter the following:
    shutdown.exe /i
    Press Enter or Click OK.

    3. You will be presented with the shutdown interface, pictured below.

    Example GUI with example type entries for illustrative purposes:

    Name:  shutdown_gui.png
Views: 120
Size:  14.2 KB

    4. In the Computers Box you will see listed the computer(s) you intend to shutdown or restart. Simply click "Add" to add systems to the list, these are the hostnames of the systems separated line by line. See the example below... This list is not permanent or sticky, it will be blank every time you start this utility, so you will have to add the hosts again. You can also use the "Browse" button to browse the Active Directory (Not local network browser) for the hosts you wish to operate this command on. I can't remember and I don't have access to an AD right now, but I believe you could put entire OU's in there and would execute on all systems within that OU, remember it has to be Computers in the OU not Users.

    5. Once all hosts are entered into the Computers field, select the action you'd like to take with the pulldown menu below that reads "What do you want these computers to do?" You should get at least 3 options, Shutdown, Restart, and Annotate Unexpected Shutdown. Typically you'd use the first 2, the last I only use when time is of the essence and I must shutdown hosts quickly with no delay. I'm not sure if that option executes a forceful shutdown or not so you may wish to try it when you get a chance on your own system first, with all apps and work closed/saved first.

    6. Once you have selected an action type from the pulldown, you will then be able to modify the Warning checkbox and the timer field, these will be grayed out until you make the selection in the pulldown above it. So e.g. if you are going do a restart and that is where the pulldown defaults, you'll need to still pull down and select Restart in order to open up the warning and timer fields. I believe they did this as a safety measure so you don't accidentally hit OK and force an immediate restart on the targets. Select/Check the box that says "Warn users of the action" if you want a popup notification to be displayed on the target machine that will notify the user that a Shutdown or Restart is about to be enforced, and that they will be logged out very soon. When you set the display warning time, it will display that popup for as long as you specify, this countdown will also be shown to the target machine's user on screen within the notification.

    7. Shutdown Event Tracker. Here you will specify whether it is a planned event or not ("Planned" Checkbox), and select your reason through the "Option" pulldown menu. Depending on whether you select PLANNED or UNPLANNED (Leaving the box unchecked will indicate UNPLANNED), the options you are given in the pulldown will be changed to suite whether this is a planned or unplanned event. Select what closely matches your requirement at that moment.

    8. Comment Field Entry. This field is optional when using most planned/unplanned shutdown or restart options, however it is REQUIRED when utilizing some planned/unplanned options, the GUI will warn you if such an entry will be required based on your choice. It is good to always notate why you are doing something like this, in case you need to troubleshoot logs later or correlate events, it only takes a few seconds to type it out, and can save you hours of troubleshooting later if you forgot, and you will trust me, have forgotten after you've used this tool some dozens of times. So be thorough! Write the Note! Whether it is planned or unplanned, so it will be properly documented. ALSO a good benefit of this field is that it will show up in the notification that goes to the host system, so that way the user will know right away what the action is pertaining to when it pops up.

    9. Various notes: WIN 10 handles the timer countdown differently I notice for this type of system action, it may or may not show the countdown and/or estimated time to execution of the command, in a Domain/AD environment I'm almost certain it would, but not 100% sure as I don't have a test environment handy for this right now, so experiment and see for yourself, you'll need to get familiar with the command anyway so check that out and see what you get.

    10. OOPS! ABORT ABORT! OK so you made a mistake and now you have to abort the pending action, but you've already sent it out by hitting OK or Enter... No problem, kind of... If it is just a client or two, you can use the /a switch to ABORT a pending restart or shutdown. This comes in handy when you test it on your system, you simply send the command, see the result and then you can use the RUN box or a Command Prompt to abort the impending LOCAL shutdown or restart so immediately it will be stopped:
    shutdown.exe /a

    If a remote host is pending shut/restart then you could utilize this from commandline or runbox:
    shutdown.exe /a /m \\computername
    Caveat 1: /A will abort, that is if there is a timer running on the pending shut/restart, if you forced an immediate no warning shutdown or restart I would advise AGAINST trying to run the abort switch, chances are you won't even be able to start typing it before the shell/explorer starts closing down, but if you did, it could leave things in an ugly state if the system were to accept the command mid actual shutdown or restart.

    Caveat 2: The GUI tool does NOT provide for a method to abort shutdowns on a large scale or to multiple clients that are currently in impending shut/restart. However this may be available with command line tools and a premade list or .txt file.

    Caveat 3: Again as mentioned previously, if doing this within a domain, across a domain or workgroups, you must ensure that the current user account and possibly machine account are within the correct Admin level OU's within the Active Directory or Local Users/Groups (Workgroup Scenario) for the command to be successful, otherwise the command will fail due to permissions/access rights. To correct that situation is beyond the scope of this article however.

    Resources: See the resources below for PsShutdown (Sysinternals tool) as well as the Shutdown command.
    TechNet Article on Shutdown.Exe
    Using PsShutdown Command Line
    PsShutdown Download From Microsoft Downloads

    Good luck! I wish you the best with your endeavors! I apologize if this article response was too long, but I'd rather be too thorough than too short.

    -Patrick Ewalt / SPIKEYPUP
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