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How to Connect to Device Portal for Windows 10 Mobile Phone

information   Information
The Windows Device Portal lets you configure and manage your device remotely over a network or USB connection. It also provides advanced diagnostic tools to help you troubleshoot and view the real time performance of your Windows device.

The Device Portal is a web server on your device that you can connect to from a web browser on your PC. If your device has a web browser, you can also connect locally with the browser on your device.

Both Windows 10 Mobile phone and PC devices must be connected to the same subnet of the network by a wired or wireless connection, or they must be connected by USB.

You can choose from 3 ways to connect to Device Portal: USB, local host, and over the local network (including VPN and tethering).

Windows Device Portal is available on each device family, but features and setup vary based on the device's requirements.

Starting in Windows 10 version 1511, additional developer features are available for the mobile device family. These features are available only when developer mode is turned on.

Device Portal on mobile provides the standard set of pages.
  • Apps manager
  • Xbox Live
  • File Explorer
  • Running processes
  • Performance
  • Debug
  • Realtime Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) tracing
  • Performance tracing
  • Device manager
  • Networking
  • Features
  • Crash data
  • Scratch

For information about Device Portal, see:

This tutorial will show you how to connect to Device Portal to configure and manage your Windows 10 Mobile phone remotely over a local network or USB connection.

Here's How:

1. On your Windows 10 Mobile phone, open Settings, and tap on Update & security. (see screenshot below)

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A) Tap on For developers. (see screenshot below)

B) If you haven't already, you will need to turn on Device Portal on the Windows 10 Mobile phone you want to connect to.

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2. On your PC or other Windows 10 device, enter the URL link to Device Portal from your phone's settings in the address bar of your web browser (ex: Internet Explorer), and press Enter. (see screenshot below)

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3. Click/tap on the Continue to this website link. (see screenshot below)

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4. Enter the case-sensitive 6 character security code from your phone, and click/tap on Submit. (see screenshot below)

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Note   Note
The first time you connect to Device Portal, you are asked for a case-sensitive, 6 character security code. This ensures that you have access to the phone, and keeps you safe from attackers. Press the Pair button under Device discovery on your phone to generate and display the code, then enter the 6 characters into the text box in the browser.
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5. You will now be connected to Device Portal for the Windows 10 Mobile phone. (see screenshots below)

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