Enable or Disable Lock Screen in Windows 10  

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    Win 10 pro Upgraded from 8.1

    There are some very sharp tools looking for the solution, MS must have really fixed it so that it is really hard to prevent. I'm confident some one will find the solution sooner or later, hoping for sooner here too.
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    As far as I know so far on 1607 (AU) yes

    I assume you are on Au? you system specs say Win 7x64.....
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    Shame MS removed the persistent registry value for this. Having to run Reg.exe at each login is not ideal. Hope better options come along.

    If anyone's interested, I put together this PowerShell script for creating the Scheduled Task from step 3. Just paste this into an elevated PowerShell prompt:
    $SID = ((New-Object System.Security.Principal.NTAccount("$env:UserName")).Translate([System.Security.Principal.SecurityIdentifier])).Value
    Register-ScheduledTask -TaskName 'Disable Lock Screen' -Xml @"
    <Task version='1.4' xmlns='http://schemas.microsoft.com/windows/2004/02/mit/task'>
        <URI>\Disable Lock Screen</URI>
        <Principal id='Author'>
      <Actions Context='Author'>
          <Arguments>add HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI\SessionData /t REG_DWORD /v AllowLockScreen /d 0 /f</Arguments>
    I tried doing it purely with the various Scheduled Tasks Cmdlets, but there isn't yet a New-ScheduledTaskTrigger for "On workstation unlock", so XML it is.
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    zil said: View Post
    So as it stands now, the most we can do is disable it for locking the computer, signing out and resuming from sleep? Just wondering if there's been an update to get rid of it for good, but seems to be nothing so far, correct?
    Did you try to replace the modified LogonController.dll as mentioned before? It worked for me. :)
    I have no more logon screen, ever, not at wake-up, not at start-up, not at all.
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    I didn't yet.. and I'm a bit afraid to try dangerous things that can taff up my PC.
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    zil said: View Post
    I didn't yet.. and I'm a bit afraid to try dangerous things that can taff up my PC.
    Just make sure that you keep a copy of the original, or just rename it. Apparently there have been issues with some users, but I haven't seen any responses anywhere about that myself. It worked for me.
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    Disable Lock Screen Even on Reboot / Restart

    Disable Lock Screen Even on Reboot / Restart - Tested / Working

    SEE UPDATE from Author at TenForums Right Here:
    Lock Screen - Enable or Disable in Windows 10 - Page 17 - Windows 10 Forums

    The only way to disable the lock screen on startup (boot) is to modify LogonController.dll with a hex editor. A programmer created an automatic patcher.

    WARNING: Downloading system files or patchers from unknown sources is extremely dangerous. Do so at your OWN RISK.

    This patch has been scanned by virustotal.com and here are the results:
    I have reviewed the script and in my opinion it looks OK. I used a binary file comparison utility, and in my opinion the files are identical except for the changes mentioned below (Offset: 0xBF50 48 89 5C 24 08 -> C3 90 90 90 90). I have also scanned the patched file LogonController.dll with VirusTotal and here are the results:

    I've tested this with Windows 10 Pro Anniversary 64-Bit version 1607 build 14393.187. This is the latest. It worked fine. The author states it will work with earlier versions of Windows 10 Anniversary as well.

    How to Disable Lock Screen, even on Boot

    Bundled the 2 architectures into 1 installer script.
    -- It's now very easy to use, Just run Install.cmd as Administrator (Right Click and select Run As Administrator).
    I also made a restore script.
    -- To restore the backed up LogonController.dll run Restore.cmd as Administrator.
    Works for both Home & Pro and all Languages 32bit & 64bit.
    Architecture x86
    (Patches Offset: 0x1C680 8B FF -> C3 90)
    Architecture x64
    (Patches Offset: 0xBF50 48 89 5C 24 08 -> C3 90 90 90 90)

    Lock Screen - Enable or Disable in Windows 10 - Page 17 - Windows 10 Forums
    Old Patcher:
    Also Attached to this Message: LogonController_Patch.zip.

    As a safety feature you can't apply a patch twice, as you would then overwrite the backup file.
    The script looks for LogonController.bak in the system32 folder which is the backup file name.
    In the future, if MS updates the dll file, manually delete that backupfile in order to run the autopatcher again.
    I would then also suggest to move/copy the Restore.cmd file to the root of your systemdrive, as it will then be quite easy to restore the dll from bootable installation media, should the need occur.

    Note: You may still need to use the Disable_Lock_Screen.reg file to disable the screen when locking (not rebooting).

    Additional Notes: If there is a major Windows update, and the dll patch location is moved (or the dll is rewritten) the patcher engine will fail and not allow a patch to be made. That's by design.
    If necessary, just visit https://forums.mydigitallife.info/th...creenGone-v1-0 for a new patcher.

    Source / Author - Thank You Dobbelina at gHacks Technology News!!!
    See comment by Dobbelina September 15, 2016 at 10:02 pm (very bottom of page):

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    Well guys, there you have it..... Great stuff Intrepid!!
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    Yes, this works just fine. Many thanks to the creator(s).
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    Let's hope this unofficial fix doesn't cause problems after future Windows updates.
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