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    topgundcp said:
    Yes, He's correct.

    This is redundant, you should not have to do this. Each time you update the Rescue media, everything is in C:\boot\macrium folder is updated. The file and folder structure is unchanged except the contents were updated. The entry in the BCD is the same as shown:
    Windows Boot Loader
    identifier              {9a3187f8-d684-11e6-ba06-002683327ad9}
    device                  ramdisk=[D:]\boot\macrium\WA10KFiles\media\sources\boot.wim,{ramdiskoptions}
    path                    \windows\system32\boot\winload.efi
    description             Macrium Reflect System Recovery
    osdevice                ramdisk=[D:]\boot\macrium\WA10KFiles\media\sources\boot.wim,{ramdiskoptions}
    systemroot              \Windows
    detecthal               Yes
    winpe                   Yes
    NOTE: To avoid the folder C:\boot\macrium is over written if you happen to restore Windows then the old PE will replace the updated PE. Use Advanced option in Macrium to relocate the PE file to another partition.
    I don't disagree with you. This is all getting way off subject to simrick's problem. I got burned once with a much earlier version of Macrium and the Boot option. It was, at that time, the way to fix it. Just an old habit. Redundant or not, that's the way I choose to do it.
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    FWIW... looking at the log file, it's using DISM 10240.. I guess, just a programming error in version checking that's bringing up that pop-up.. does not seem to re-download tho'...
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    For Macrium Reflect users:

    Macrium Reflect - Use Macrium Image to set up Dual / Multi Boot
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    Note   Note
    This post contains several embedded tweets from Macrium. Some mobile device users are not able to see them. I will add links to tweets underneath them; if you instead of a tweet only see a link to Twitter you can check the tweet directly on Twitter from it.

    OK guys, as some of you already know Macrium will release version 7 on February 26th:


    All v6 users who have bought Macrium Reflect Home after November 26th 2016 will get a free upgrade to v7:


    If you are using a paid version 5.x you will not be able to upgrade directly to v7. All v5 users who have upgraded or will upgrade to v6 between November 26th 2016 and February 26th 2017 can then upgrade to v7 for free:


    I am quite exited! Version 7 introduces Macrium Reflect Changed Block Tracker (MRCBT) which has been in beta since June 2016. It makes incremental and differential backups up to 60 times faster; if your typical weekly differential took 15 minutes with v6, it will take in best case scenario 15 seconds with v7! No, that's not a typo. I mean 15 seconds, one five seconds :)

    Macrium Reflect Changed Block Tracker (MRCBT) reduces the amount of time it takes to perform incremental and differential images by monitoring the changes to an NTFS formatted volume in real-time. This is especially relevant when a file system contains very large files, such as virtual hard disk (VHD) files, where speed improvements are significant and can reduce the Incremental image time from hours to minutes or even seconds.

    Implemented as a kernel mode filter driver, sitting below the NTFS file system driver, MRCBT is able to intercept all I/O requests to the logical volume and maintain a record of which blocks have changed.
    (From Confluence Mobile - Macrium Reflect Knowledgebase)

    Personally the feature I am most keenly waiting and which we will get in v7 is the integration of Macrium viBoot to Macrium Reflect (viBoot tutorial). Image your system and create a VM from your image to service and maintain it, all from same UI.

    Macrium will publicly announce these and other new features next week. They are also preparing a relatively quick release of v7.1 after initial release of v7. The v7.1 will bring continuous backups for home users, allowing users to create for instance an incremental backup every few minutes.

    Continuous backups run separate from normal imaging. The clearest benefit is that in case of emergency you don't have to go back a day or a week or even more to your last full, differential or incremental image. Instead you can use your continuous image made automatically just a minute before crash.

    All you using paid v5, now is the time to upgrade to v6 to be sure to get v7 end of next month.

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    Hi, I've got this weird issue when restoring a full OS backup.

    I always tick to verify before restore, so you get the loading bar in two stages, stage one for verification and stage two for restoration.

    However, I restore from an external USB HGST drive, this drive always goes to sleep during the restoration stage. I also noted there are no blinking HDD lights on the external box during this stage, it only blinks during verification.

    The restore seems to work, Windows boots etc. But why does this happen? Shouldn't it be reading from the external drive during restore AND verification stages?
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    I've got a modest success story about Macrium Reflect to share. I was trying to backup my Dell Venue Pro 11 yesterday (running 15019 Insider Preview) yesterday, when I got an interesting failure:
    Backup and Restore with Macrium Reflect-macrium-fail.jpg
    So I figured out how to open and read the log, but didn't find much useful therein. So I searched the Macrium site on the afore-listed error message ("Write operation failed. The system cannot find...") and sure enough, Macrium had exactly the right fix for my ills. Convert the external USB drive from "Quick Removal" to "Better Performance" on the Policies tab. Just to implement their advice fully, I also changed the internal Macrium Reflect program options to "Enable write caching" as well. Next backup attempt succeeded with flying colors!

    Now, I just need to remember to "Safely eject" the drive before removing it from my system. But being a lazy guy, I'll probably just pop the USB connector while the machine is restarting before Windows gets up and fully running...

    Great stuff!
    [At Kari's request, I'm adding this link to the relevant Macrium Knowledge Base article: Backup Aborted! Write operation failed - The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error - Macrium Reflect Knowledgebase]
    Last edited by EdTittel; 28 Jan 2017 at 14:21. Reason: Add link to Macrium KB article at Kari's request
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    @EdTittel, would you please share the link to Macrium KB article in question?

    @HannahK, sounds as if you have the USB selective suspend enabled. Disable it and try again (tutorial)

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    @Kari, Sorry I should have been clearer. I'm restoring from WindowsPE, the sleep timer is built into the HDD for 10 mins of inactivity, this means when Macrium is restoring the image (Windows OS) it hasn't accessed the external HDD for at least 10 mins.

    It only accesses the HDD during verification phase. So I'm wondering how is it restoring exactly, where is it restoring from? RAM?
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    Kari: I did as you asked, and added the Macrium KB article link to my post. Here's a snapshot of some of the great info you can find there:
    Backup and Restore with Macrium Reflect-mac-tshoot-articles.jpg
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    Thanks Ed :)
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