How to Turn On or Off to Index Encrypted Files in Windows 10

information   Information
By default, Windows will use the index when searching to give you faster search results. The search index only includes your selected locations. These locations can be filtered for what file types (extensions), file properties, and file contents you want indexed.

The index uses the Windows Search service and runs as the Searchindexer.exe process in the background. The index will automatically rebuild and update for changes made to the included locations since the last index rebuild to increase search result accuracy. By default, the indexing speed is reduced due to user activity. If the computer is running idle, then the indexing speed will go back to full speed to finish indexing faster.

Windows Search 4.0 and higher fully supports indexing encrypted files on local file systems by EFS, enabling users to index and search the properties and contents of encrypted files. Users can manually configure Windows Search to include encrypted files, or administrators can configure this with Group Policy. Windows Search ensures that only users with the correct permissions can search the content of encrypted files by honoring ACLs and by restricting access to users with decryption permissions for the files. Additionally, Windows Search restricts access to encrypted files to local searches only; Windows Search does not return encrypted files in search results when the query is initiated remotely.

This tutorial will show you how to turn on or off to index encrypted files for all users in Windows 10.

You must be signed in as an administrator to turn on or off index encrypted files.

warning   Warning
For security reasons, the indexing of encrypted files should not be enabled unless the search index location itself is protected with full volume encryption (such as BitLocker Drive Encryption or 3rd party solution).

Here's How:

1. Open the Control Panel (icons view), click/tap on the Indexing Options icon, and close the Control Panel.

2. Click/tap on the Advanced button. (see screenshot below)

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3. Do step 4 (on) or step 5 (off) below for what you want to do.

 4. To Turn On Index Encrypted Files

A) Check the Index encrypted files box. (see screenshot below)

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B) If the index location is not encrypted, then click/tap on Continue if you are sure. (see screenshot below)

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C) Go to step 6 below.

 5. To Turn Off Index Encrypted Files

NOTE: This is the default setting.

A) Uncheck the Index encrypted files box. (see screenshot below)

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B) Click/tap on OK. (see screenshot below)

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C) Go to step 6 below.

6. Click/tap on OK to apply. (see screenshot below step 4A or step 5A)

7. The search index will now rebuild to update. (see screenshots below)

Click image for larger version. 

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8. Click/tap on Close. (see screenshots above)

That's it,

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