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Hello and let me say, this is an excellent feature and thank you very much for providing it. I've gone through the thread and, perhaps I missed it, but I don't see any examples of multiple Drive instances being added to the navigation pane.

I'm not sure when Google started allowing two accounts to be synchronized; I've been using ODrive for about a year now to sync work and personal DropBox and Drive accounts through a single tool. Anyway, now I'm just using Backup and Sync with two logins: one for personal use (C:\Users\Bowman\Drive-Personal) and one for work use (C:\Users\Bowman\Drive-Work).

Am I missing how to add a second Google Drive folder to the navigation pane? I'm not a coder of any kind. I stuck with the .bat file and created Drive-Work easily. However, when attempting to add Drive-Personal, it says 'C:\Users\Bowman\Drive-Personal' is not a Google Sync Drive. It in running and file are syncing correctly.

Any help is appreciated and thank you very much!

Hello Michael,
I just saw your post and added a second account to my Backup and Sync. To me, this appears to let you create additional folders and define all the files you wish to sync for the second account, but it does not create a second instance of the Google Drive folder.

So, it doesn't consider your new synced folder as another Google Drive.

- Rob