Enable or Disable Driver Updates in Windows Update in Windows 10  

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       19 Apr 2017 #140

    Ahhh, you're on Creators update. OK, so that is the last that we know of for sure. I suppose someone else will have to take a stab an see....
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  2.    23 Jul 2017 #141

    Does anyone know if it prevents update of nForce drivers? Windows update left my RAID array invisible to Windows 10 (780i chipset).

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    Hello fotafm, and welcome to Ten Forums.

    It'll be worth a try, but while this is suppose to prevent all drivers from being included in Windows Update, some people are reporting that they are still having some drivers available.
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       22 Oct 2017 #143

    Doesn't seem to work anymore. I'm on the Fall Creators Update
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  5.    22 Oct 2017 #144

    djdelarosa25 said: View Post
    Doesn't seem to work anymore. I'm on the Fall Creators Update

    Which method?

    Don't forget that Microsoft insists on resetting registry edits (along with a bunch of other things like disabled services, advanced network settings and even start menu ad spam - how arrogant can they get) with every build update, which is why they're a bad idea and you should use the group policy if possible.

    I'm even a bit wary of the group policy method at the moment, because I had a driver install on one of my systems with Do not include drivers with Windows Update enabled. It was a Conexant audio driver, and I'm hoping it was some separate Conexant update mechanism that installed the update and not Windows, but I've been unable to identify any such mechanism. This happened before the Fall Creators Update.
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       22 Oct 2017 #145

    djdelarosa25 said: View Post
    Doesn't seem to work anymore. I'm on the Fall Creators Update
    You'll need to use Option 3 or 4 instead for the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (build 16299.xx). :)

    Option 1 and 2 do not work starting with build 15019.
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       22 Oct 2017 #146

    Brink said: View Post

    Option 1 and 2 do not work starting with build 15019.
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  8.    22 Oct 2017 #147

    ThrashZone said: View Post
    It's not like this changes anything. Option 4 is effectively the same as option 2, and option 1 was stillborn, never leaving beta.
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  9.    26 Dec 2017 #148

    I've reported a year ago about a serious problem to upgrade my Asus UL80Vt laptop to Windows 10 Home (but activated). I tried again for a v1703 update. This time the original Win-7 dual-display drivers did not crash and the update went all the way to the end (v1709). I turned off WiFi and set up "ExcludeWUDriversInQuality" key for the Home version to prevent driver download. When I turned on WiFi, that did not block GeForce G210M driver download. I think my observation pointed to a different problem - Windows 10's own compatibility problem to install drivers with a long list of needed driver components. Therefore, the system disables the "old" display driver and forces the download of a new version. In this kind of situation, there is no KB number to hide the driver, no group policy (for Pro) to block a specific Hardware ID, and honoring "ExcludeWUDriversInQuality" key would send the system into catch-22 scenario. I am using my observation below to describe the problem and hope the experts can very this problem and communicate with Microsoft to fix it.

    UL80Vt laptop uses Mobile Intel 4 Series Chipset Family. Intel supports the dual-drivers (in Win 7) for the lower performance on-board display chip and the higher performance (thus power consumption) Nvidia card, so that the laptop can switch between the two modes depending on AC or battery-only power. Updating to 1703 did not crash and completed all the updates. But the screen went off and eventually into the generic low-res display. I went into "Device Manager" and rolled back the G210M driver successfully, and restart the PC. Display went back to high-res. I checked the G210M display adapter, and saw the error message "Insufficient System Resources exists to Complete the API" - The error code # is (Code 31). The driver is "disabled", but with the correct original version number. I then checked the progress of the requested and installed driver components. It only installed a few from a long list (20+) of components. And the Intel display driver is functioning "normally". There were 3 Intel "exe" components in the long list did not get installed. The system re-start asked whether I want to run them for security reason. When I entered YES to them and checked the 2 display drivers. The G210M will show up, with the driver "disabled". When I entered NO, the G210M simply DISAPPEARED. Only the Intel display driver is working for the system.

    This information tells me that v1703 "isolated" the the card and only use the Intel on-board display driver. This problem seems to be unrelated to a specific dual-mode graphic card. I suspect that when OS detects this Windows resource problem, it forces a download of a new Nvidia driver over the "disabled" same hardware ID which Group policy is set up to block the download, while the Intel display driver is untouched.

    Similar conditions can happen to other "old" driver installation failure. The forced download will not fix the driver "disabled" status, If the
    system does not have sufficient resources to install the "new" driver (thus disables it again). I think this is a Microsoft catch-22 bug!!!
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  10.    10 Feb 2018 #149


    I just wanted to add my voice that option 3/4 has become ineffective for me too. I'm on 1709 Pro and on my desktop with an Nvidia GTX1070, my NUC with intel graphics and my Surface Pro 4 I've had forced driver updates for them despite having done all preventative methods I've found i.e. disabling "configure automatic updates", enabling "do not include drivers with windows update", disabling the services Windows modules installer and BITS and setting my network as metered but I still get these havoc wreaking driver updates. E.g. the Nvidia driver corrupts my Start menu so I can't pin anything, and the only driver that doesn't is 5 versions back. I can of course roll back the driver but it is so god damn annoying.

    I sincerely hope that something bad happens to the people at MS behind the decision to not separate driver updates from security updates, they are scum.
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