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OK so the situation I now have is this:

I'm still getting the temp profile notification when I log in.

whoami /user reveals the temp user SID = 1001

I have the following entries in the ProfileList

1001 = C:\Users\TEMP.DESKTOP
1001.bak = C:\Users\(Username)

Both are the same as the SID above

Where do i go from here?
Normally, you could use step 12.

If the original "C:\Users\(Username)" folder is no longer there, then of course you won't be able to use it's reference in the registry in step 12. In this situation, all you can do is delete both SID (1001 & 1001.bak) keys to have a new profile folder created for the account. This will have the account start over like a new account. If this account is a Microsoft account, then most of the settings would sync back (if left turned on). This won't help with any missing files in the original "C:\Users\(Username)" folder though.