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       23 Feb 2016 #20

    fotyc said: View Post
    I may yet do that... but this may have to do with the Avast self defense module that I had previously turned off in Windows 8 because it interferes with system restore functions. I checked and when Avast updated itself recently it turned self defense back on. So I turned it off. If I get brave I may try my restore again... Or I may do a refresh. This all started because I had a video capture device working via USB and then it quit working, the replacement one didn't work, a different one didn't work... somehow I seem to have lost the ability to get a video signal in through my USB and wanted to go back to before I began this effort... But that is another story.
    Any objection uninstalling Avast entirely ?

    I am not saying my way is good for you.
    Just to tell you what I do. For over 2 years I have been using just the built-in Windows Defender as my Real-time Protection and Malwarebytes free edition as my On-demand Protection.
    I run Malwarebytes once a week to make sure the computer is clean, and for over 2 years, I have not had any security issues.
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  2.    23 Feb 2016 #21

    Brink said: View Post
    I have done a few system restores that failed, but then said it was successful after restart as well. After checking and verifying, it was indeed successful for me.
    Thanks... maybe that's what happened here.
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  3.    24 Feb 2016 #22

    I really do like this guide, very comprehensive and great pictures!!

    My issue is with System Restore. Especially in later versions it seems to fail with growing frequency. I've always had hopes for MS products because hey, I pay for the OS, I should expect to get a functional product in return. Of course, the reality is that it isn't.

    I've gone on to disk imaging (Macrium Reflect) and using snapshot programs (Rollback rx) but I always say when the day comes that I don't need those and can trust MS to work say...95% of the time. Then I'll check it out again!
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  4.    29 Jun 2016 #23

    f14tomcat said: View Post

    If this is not the right place to post, please move...

    I have had consistent problems with doing a restore from a restore point, starting back with 1st build 9841. No problem creating one. I've tried both from boot and inline. I've probably done 100's of these on Win 7 and a few on Win 8.1, but 10tp causes issues. I think I may have had 1 go right since TP started. Scenario is usually about 2 mins into restore, I get an error that the restore point is damaged or otherwise unusable. Sometimes it will complete successfully, but weird issues after restart. Just this morning, to test, I created one, made a few changes to system settings (put cortana back on taskbar), installed some innocuous program, changed by wallpaper. Ran for a while, about 30 mins. Then, thru the system protection UI, same place I created it, I fired up restore and let it go to completion and restart. Thought all looked ok. My changes were restored back, the app I installed was gone, BUT.... so was the START MENU! Gone! No click on start button, no win key, nothing! I had to re-image from backup.

    I have no problems doing a re-imaging from backup VHDs. Just these restore points 99.9% of the time fail or restore strangely. I get no errors when I create them.

    I'm lost...
    Same Problem here_since last Tues_06_21_16_gave_up&reinstalled_Win8.1, thought it was my softwareor PC, after reading this post, from F-14tomcat, appears might be more common.
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  5.    14 Jul 2016 #24

    Hi, my system restore has no restore point. How can i create one?
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       14 Jul 2016 #25

    Hello gradeabra, :)

    You would need to turn on system protection for your Windows C: drive first, then you will be able to create a restore point for Windows. Of course, when you do a system restore, it'll only take you back to how things were when the restore point was created.
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       21 Jul 2016 #26

    it feels and looks just like windows 7 It was stable and helpful back then I hope that it is still as good
    my only problem with restore points is it only keeps very few of them I would like to have like 10 or even 20 so whenever I discover a problem I can go back as far as I want before i Consider a total Partition Image restore
    i checked "show more points" and still they are very few also the disk usage is only 1.5 gigabytes while the dedicated space is more than 15 Giga bytes why system protection doesnt store enough points ? I wish to know
    thanks for the tutorial and help
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       21 Jul 2016 #27

    Hello Darkane, and welcome to Ten Forums. :)

    Are you a Windows Insider? If so, upgrading to a new build will usually wipe out your current restore points.

    If you have any disk cleaning program installed, they can wipe your restore points.

    Keeping an updated system image backup in addition to restore points would be recommended since restore points will not always help.
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       22 Jul 2016 #28

    thanks for taking the effort
    unfortunately all of the above is negative
    I'm very committed to keep full images every week but sometimes you know bringing back a week old image will save my a** but lose many things that are very dynamic like program settings that I've changed or files in user folders.
    I always prefer to keep my files in other partitions than "C:" but not everything can be easily moved there
    some people recommend "Rollback" but it is said that it doesn't play well with disk imaging which is a bummer since both are needed not one or the other
    thanks again :)
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       22 Jul 2016 #29

    I hear you. Restore points can be handy, but they are not always reliable.
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