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    Also when you try to log into your computer, is there a maximum number of attempts your computer allows you before it locks you out whether its a pin or password? I assume not right?

    However if so, let say you use a pin. Let say the pin was 3294839800 to make it simple. So couldnt a thieft/hacker just type in manually 239439, 239440 and keep going on and on with trial and error and eventually hit your pin?

    But a password well they wouldn't have a clue because its mixed with words and numbers? So im confused how a pin is better here if you can only use numbers?
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    128 vs 256 is for the encryption strength of the drive. The higher the encryption strength the less likely someone is able to decrypt the data on the drive.

    By default, the PIN would need to be a minimum of 6 numbers. If you want characters, then you would use the yellow Tip under step 4E.
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    The person that was helping me with this earlier posted this on another forum

    He said to do this while i was at that page where you said just cancel it ...

    Choose print the key, choose either Microsoft Print to PDF or Microsoft XPS Document Writer, it will save the key as PDF or XPS file respectively. Transfer that file to safe location.

    I then said
    I want to type password to log in when i first turn on computer. So do i go with step 5 here as oppose to step 4?

    He then says

    This has nothing to do with Bitlocker. Below is the video on enabling Windows password.

    You'll have to choose between following that confusing guide, and following my advice. You can't do both.

    I'm so confused here. Why is he asking me to set up a password with windows 10? Because isn't setting up a password for windows 10 useless then since i read a thief can take out your hard drive and put it in another computer and read everything from there? Then put a virus/malware on it? Then say put it back in your laptop?

    Shoudn't the login for the password or pin be in bitlocker instead like what you described? I am perplexed why he says this. Do you know why?
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    The option to print the key etc... is for how you want to backup your BitLocker recover key.

    I would recommend to print it out, and save to your Microsoft account. If you get locked out of BitLocker, you will need to have this key to regain access. Otherwise, you will have to format the drive and start over.

    The tutorial is not really confusing if completely read and followed in order. The steps are designed like a flow chart. You follow along the steps depending on what you want.

    There are a lot of options, so there are a lot of steps and choices to make while following the tutorial.

    Since you want to type a password, you would use step 5 in Option 1.
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    I understand the option to print they key as backup. But what i did earlier was step 3 right? So had i continued with that, that meant i could not log into my computer with a password correct? Did i even have an option to enter a password had i continued with where i was at earlier? So what would be my options to log in to my computer after i power it on had i done that? Either the usb stick or enter that very long passcode? Thus i was doing step 3 and not the one i want? Also had i done that, wouldn't that mean i need my usb stick with me at all times pretty much? If it gets stolen, well i cant use it unless i have access to my recovery key which is printed out?

    Yes your tutorial does seem simple if you follow step by step. Earlier i read it very fast so it sounded confusing to me.

    Okay but is what i said about step 4 correct? That its pin only but you could make it characters as well but you have to look at 4E. Step 4 looks confusing a bit. Step 5 looks much simpler.

    Do you know why he mention putting a password for windows 10 and its not related to bitlocker? That response he gave me... made no sense unless he meant you log into your computer each time with your usb stick or that long passcode printed on paper... then you log into windows with another password. Is that what he meant by that?
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    Im trying to figure out why he asking me to watch a video to set up a password for windows 10. That makes zero sense since if someone gets to that page, couldn't they just take out my hard drive and then put it in another computer to see whats in there? He says the password has nothing to do with bitlocker. My whole purpose of using bitlocker is to have a password to login right?
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    I'm not sure what the other person means about the password not being related to BitLocker unless it's about your account password used to sign in to Windows 10 instead.

    Just to help make sure this is clear for you:

    1) You can sign in to Windows 10 with your account password without using BitLocker.

    2) BitLocker is for encrypting the data on the hard drive. This way the data cannot be accessed or read without the BitLocker password/PIN/USB/TPM/recovery key OR if the drive is connected to another computer.

    Just to verify (if you want to use BitLocker), you want to use a password to unlock BitLocker? Correct?

    If yes, then you need to use step 5.
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    He means the account password to sign into windows 10. I know how to do that as you just go to your account and set a password for it. Then everytime you start up computer, it ask you for it. But i also know that useless because all someone has to do is take the hard drive out and put it in another computer and then view everything on it... correct? And someone could potentially put a virus/malware/keylogger on it and then plug that hard drive back to your computer?

    He replied back and seemed to infer... if you use bitlocker to encrypt your hard drive then even if someone takes out hard drive and put it on another computer, they cant get in because its encrypted. That makes sense. But what doesnt not make sense is had i done that method i was doing earlier, how do i log into bitlocker? Example say i turn on my computer... wouldnt it require my usb flash drive to work or i type in that long recovery key as the only 2 ways to get in? Thus i couldnt type in my bitlocker password... then log int? Because i think he meant it would be like you need your usb flash drive to log in or that recovery key ... then after you log in that, you have to log in with your windows 10 password... like having 2 security programs?

    This is what he says

    Windows password is useless on its own. And Bitlocker is useless on its own. But together they make your system secure.

    Bitlocker is useless on its own? This statement is not true right?

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    What i want is very simple

    I want everytime i turn on my windows laptop, it ask me for my password to log in. Thus if a thief has my laptop whether they stole it or just to open it up and say put malware on it and then return it and it back where it was without me knowing, they cannot access it without my password. That is all.

    And isn't that what bitlocker is for?
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    For what you want, I would recommend to use step 5 in Option 1.

    This will turn on BitLocker to encrypt your Windows 10 drive.

    When you turn on the computer, you will be prompted for your BitLocker password to unlock the drive.

    Next, you will be prompted to sign in to Windows 10 with your account password as usual.
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