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    And is the reason why my options of where to backup your recovery key doesn't show a usb drive because i did not have one connected at the moment? I just connected one right now.

    Do i click cancel? Do i close the box? It seems like i could X the box but not sure what happens then?

    Because if I have a power outage now or computer turns off, am I screwed?
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    Okay I looked through the tutorial again. It seems like since i already checked i had tpm 1.2 yesterday, well i can go directly to step 6 right? Okay so it seems to skip a lot of steps because i already have tpm 1.2? So it seems like in step 11, it has that message where you want to save your backup key.

    But i don't have the option to save to a usb drive because my usb drive was not connected to my computer at this time? So how do i do that now on this page? Could i click to save to a file and it gives me option to choose the usb flash drive i just put in right now? Or could i save it to a file and then just save it to my documents in my computer? Then immediately copy that document to the usb flash drive?

    With my luck with computers, I can just imagine my computer shutting off for no reason and then im screwed because im not sure how to save this recovery key.
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    What confuses me then is where is the option to type your password in it? I do not see this option doing it the way i already started?
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    No worries. As long as you follow the steps exactly in the tutorial (designed like a flow chart), you should be fine.

    If you didn't do step 4, then that would be why BitLocker is not asking for a password.
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    These are the steps I did only.

    1. Yesterday I checked device manager and saw i have tpm 1.2. So i did not bother checking this today. I did went to group policy and looked through those things but never clicked on anything to make any changes to it.

    2. I went to c drive, right click enable bitlocker.

    3. Now i have option of

    how do you want to backup your recovery key

    save to microsft acct
    save to a file
    print recovery key

    So click save to a file and i should be able to save it to a usb stick i just plugged into my computer?

    So where do i get the option to put a password then? Because that mean when i turn on my computer everytime, i dont put a password put have to insert the usb stick each time? If so, i do not like that method, i want a password typed because what if the usb gets corrupted... or lost. Or stolen. If it get stolen cant you just plug it into the laptop and log in?
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    No. Since you skipped step 4, BitLocker will automatically be unlocked by the TPM.

    It's asking where you want to backup your BitLocker recovery key. This key is used to recover the BitLocker drive in case you are not able to unlock it using the method you setup.

    If you want a BitLocker password, then you should turn off BitLocker for this drive, and start over to encrypt it again using step 4.
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    Hi there so if i continue with this, then everytime i log into computer i need my usb stick into it correct?

    Okay well i want password not the usb drive.

    So what am i suppose to do now since im on the page

    How do you want to backup your recovery key?

    Do i save it to a file?

    Do i click cancel and go back? Do I X this box?

    Right now my bitlocker is already turned on? So i have to make sure i save this key to my usb drive? But if i do this, won't it then start encrypting process which i do not want because it would be doing it with the tpm and not the password?

    How do i start over to encrypt it again when im at the current page im at now?
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    @Brink, i went to my pc and clicked on local disk. Then right click and see it shows Turn on Bitlocker. So that means i have not turned it on yet correct? So does this mean i could just close the page that is showing up now and start over? If so do i X it or click cancel?

    If i cancel, that means i can start this entire process over since i did not start any process yet?
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    It sounds like is didn't start encrypting yet then. Closing the window should cancel BitLocker, so you can start over.
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    so click cancel or X? Is there any danger if i close it now and dont save the recovery key?

    I opened my c drive and then right clicked it to check to see if bitlocker was on or off while the other screen is stll in the middle of the screen which ask me

    How do you want to backup your recovery key screen is showing?

    Its the screen that says

    How do you want to back up your recovery key?

    X Your recovery key couldn't be saved to this location. Choose a different location.

    A Recovery key can be used to access your files and folders if you're having problems unlocking your pc. Its good idea to have more than one and keep each in safe place other than your cd.

    Save to your microsoft account

    Save to a file

    Print the recovery key

    Right now my options are click one of those which is what i dont want to do right? Or click cancel? Or click the x on the top right to close this? So close the window with the x? After i do this, go check c drive and right click it to see if it has that same wording turn bitlocker on? Which would confirm its not on?
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