Turn On or Off BitLocker for Operating System Drive in Windows 10  

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    paulyjustin said:
    I want to encrypt my dell xps 15 windows 10 pro laptop.

    Are there steps in number 1 all i need to do? If i have 232gb ssd hard drive and 42gb is available meaning i have 190gb ssd used up, how long would this take?

    Hello Pauly,

    Using this tutorial here on the first post instead will allow you to use BitLocker to encrypt the drive Windows 10 is installed on.

    The time it will take to encrypt the drive has too many variables to accurately determine, but give yourself at least a few hours to be safe.

    Be very sure that you back up your BitLocker recovery key for this drive when it has finished. If something should happen where you lose access, you will not be able to regain access again without this recover key.

    Backup BitLocker Recovery Key in Windows 10 | Tutorials
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    Im looking at step 1. Do i need to set it to 256 or 128 is okay?
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    paulyjustin said:
    Im looking at step 1. Do i need to set it to 256 or 128 is okay?

    256 will give you better encryption strength.
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    Hi brink but is that a must? So looking at the list, i should start from step 5 and continue from there? I chedcked i have that TPM in device manager... shows tpm 1.2.
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    It's a personal preference to go with 256 or the default 128. 256 would just make it very unlikely to decrypt without the key.

    Since you have a TPM, you could start at step 4 or 5. It's just a matter of personal preference for what you prefer on how the drive is unlocked (TPM vs password/USB).
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    brink well don't most ppl want to put a password to turn on the computer? I want to make everything as simple as possible.
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    You could use step 4 with a TPM and configure it to still require a password or USB to unlock BitLocker.

    You would still have to sign in to your account for Windows 10 after you unlock BitLocker.
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    brink. I posted this on another forum and someone said the tutorial that is on here is bit confusing.

    So this is my response and would like your feedback.

    Ok by accident i clcked on bitlocker without doing the thing you mentioned of

    Those links just create confusion. You check group policy manager, disable hardware encryption for operating system drives and fixed drives just to be on the safe side (though you can skip it and stick with hardware encryption if you want). Then you right click on your system drive and choose turn on bitlocker. select newer bitlocker encryption method if bitlocker asks whether to choose new or old.

    Then go on to do this to flash drive and external drive. Each external drive will ask for a password, you can use the same password if you want just make sure it's strong. When you enter that password to unlock the encrypted drives tick a box to remember it so that you don't have to enter it every time on that laptop.

    Because you said it sounds confusing and to skip it. But can i still do that now? I didn't know right click turn on bitlocker would turn it on... thought there would be another page to confirm it.

    What it shows now is

    how do you want to backup your recovery key

    save to microsoft account
    save to a file
    print the recovery key

    Do I save to a file? If so, is this to my computer or an external hard drive? Can i use my 64gb flash drive for this or use the 1tb external hard drive?

    Do i have option to cancel here or if i do this, im screwed because im going on with the process without saving the recovery key? I cannot go back to the previous message?

    Now im stuck not knowhing what to do. Typing this on my other laptop now. Would appreiciate if someone could reply to this. Im making sure im not touching the laptop and its staying on that screen of how do you want to backup your recovery key.

    Can you tell me what im suppose to do now? I basically did do anything with group policy and went with turn on bitlocker as my 1st step.
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    I was watching this video and notice how this person tries to turn on bitlocker but message is this device cant use a TPM. Your admin must allow bitlocker without a compatible tpm in the required additional authentication at startup. Then i see he goes to group policy etc and then goes to clicking on required additional authentication at startup and changed it to enabled. So did i had to do this or not?

    Can i go back now and do that before turning on bitlocker or is it too late because im on the next page now? I cant seem to click on the back button, only thing ic an click on is cancel but im worried cancel means i cant go back and i cannot backup recovery key?
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    As i watch the video after he clicks next after turning on bitlocker, he gets completely different screen than me. It checks bitlocker is checking to see if pc fit requirement and then shows

    Bitlocker drive encryption setup

    When you turn on bitlocker, your computer performs following steps

    prepare your drive for bitlocker
    encrypt your drive

    Can someone tell me why my next page was that recover key page? I am freaking out right now because if something happens like a power outage happens now, am i screwed? Please if someone can reply back to this soon.
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