Sign in User Account Automatically at Windows 10 Startup  

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  1.    26 Jan 2017 #70

    Local account has the same privileges as logging in with a Microsoft Account. The first account created during setup is a member of the administrators group by default regardless of which type of account you chose. It's only the second user account etc created that will default to standard user. I've done it. Switching from one to the other won't affect your privileges either, you stay a member of the administrators group. I've done that too.
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  2.    21 Mar 2017 #71

    Is there any way to automate this?

    I'm writing a script that requires a reboot in the middle (after I change the pagefile size and turn off hibernation). I can add something to RunOnce to continue running it but is there some way to (from a script) to log on automatically?

    Do I have to hard code the user name and password? I can do that as it is only me but if there was a more generic way it would be better. Can I call the Windows API to request and save the credentials somehow?
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       21 Mar 2017 #72

    If you have sleep or hibernation mode enabled you will continue to run into the need to sign in. For having Windows start up fresh following a shutdown however the process is automatic once you have everything set simply by following the steps in the guide here. I found it works for both desktops and laptops.
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  4.    21 Mar 2017 #73

    Are you saying RunOnce doesn't work after Hybrid Sleep? That is something to test for sure.

    My script turns off system restore, hibernation and sets the pagefile to 200MB. I then want it to reboot (and sign on automatically) and carry on with the rest of the stuff it needs to do by putting the .ps1 in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce

    Is it possible or am I approaching this problem the wrong way?
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  5. Night Hawk's Avatar
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       21 Mar 2017 #74

    I never have things set to either the sleep or hybernation mode. But with both the Toshiba 10 laptop I bought a year ago to replace an older HP laptop seeing 7 upgraded to 10 when either saw the display turn off after so many minutes sometimes the need to log back was needed when the lock screen after having sat idle to too long. That would another type of standby mode being seen there.

    One of the first thing since those were intended to benefit someone else in a care facility the custom power plan options for never turning the display off as well as no longer needing the standby by the never option and disabling the sleep, hybernation modes were set up to see the laptop made active and automatic log in every time the unit is fired up without the extra step.

    The laptops I upgraded to 10 for others are were set automatically log in while their displays go into standby mode and no one has complained about the need to sign in all the time. So it will depend on how well the results are the first time around since you may to do the steps all over a second or third time to get results. It may also be from a particular model laptop with a certain brand where you might have to find an alternate solution. Simply look at how many different makes and models and how many varying locations globally are out there. Back 17-18yrs. ago you might find an HP listed for $5,200.00US and now only pay less then $520 due to competing brands and the need to lower prices as time went along producing all types of machines.

    The first thing I would recommend here would trying to go over the steps from the start again just in you missed something. Or you would try both Option One and Two using both methods like I did here and haven't had a problem on any machine since. The system then has to look at both GPE and Registry settings alike.
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  6.    27 Mar 2017 #75

    I was having some issues installing a program and to save time, I removed my admin password and made myself auto signing in first before the 2nd user....

    i have now now resolved the program issue, but trying to change the user sign in back has been problematic.

    I manage to get the 2nd user to sign in automatically without a password, but there is now No option for me to sign in...
    when I try a function that requires admin rights it still asks for my password. If I go to user profile in control panel, when first I opened only the 2nd user is there, then when I click change another user it shows both accounts.

    I tried deleting my account as there is nothing of importance, and recreated one with the same name, made no difference.....I used netplwiz to change the order and sign in requirements initially, but can't for the life of me get things back as they were.

    I am sure it's something simple but it's baffling me
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       27 Mar 2017 #76

    Hey Steve, :)

    If you haven't already, check the "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer" box in netplwiz and apply to see if that will get you back to normal for having to sign in. Be sure that all accounts have passwords.
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  8.    28 Mar 2017 #77

    Have already tried that, but just did again.....strangely enough when the pc starts and the 2nd user screen is displayed it doesn't request a password until I click the screen...and still no option for myself to sign in
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       28 Mar 2017 #78

    Usually the first screen you see that you have to click on before seeing the sign-in screen is the lock screen. Is this what you are seeing?

    If your account is available on the sign-in screen, it would be listed at the bottom left to click/tap on to then be able to sign-in to.

    Sign in to Windows 10 - Windows 10 User Accounts Tutorials

    Switch User in Windows 10 - Windows 10 User Accounts Tutorials
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  10.    28 Mar 2017 #79

    I now have the 2nd user sign in automatically without a password....but when I click on the symbol to sign in and me, there is NO option........

    if if I press ctrl alt del then select switch user, the only option is the 2nd user.....

    any ideas ? Please
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