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How to Apply a Folder's View to All Folders of Same Template Type in Windows 10

information   Information
While browsing folders in File Explorer, you can apply the view settings of the current folder to all folders on your PC that are optimized for the same folder template type.

For example, the Pictures folder opened from This PC is optimized for picture files (Pictures template) by default. If you open this folder and change the view layout to Medium icons, you can apply the Medium icons view to every folder that's optimized for pictures.

This tutorial will show you how to use 'Apply to Folders' to apply a folder's view to all folders optimized with the same folder template for your account in Windows 10.

Note   Note
You will not be able to use Apply to Folders while viewing libraries or This PC.

Here's How:

1. In File Explorer, open the folder (ex: Pictures) that you want to apply to folders optimized of the same template type.

2. Customize this folder's layout, column width, sort by, and group by view to how you like.

3. When finished, open Folder Options from within this same folder. (see screenshot below)

Click image for larger version. 

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4. In Folder Options, click/tap on the View tab, and click/tap on Apply to Folders. (see screenshot below)
Note   Note
If you opened File Explorer Options (aka: Folder Options) from the Control Panel instead, then Apply to Folders will be grayed out.

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5. Click/tap on Yes to confirm. (see screenshot below)

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6. Click/tap on OK in Folder Options. (see screenshot below step 4)

That's it,