Customize Windows 10 Image in Audit Mode with Sysprep  

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    Kman said:
    Deployed to multiple clients same result. Any thoughts on ways around this?
    Hi Kman, welcome to the Ten Forums.

    What kind of users on those clients? Local, domain, Azure AD or MS account? If local or MSA, is the PC later on joined to Azure AD?
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    Kari said:
    Hi Kman, welcome to the Ten Forums.

    What kind of users on those clients? Local, domain, Azure AD or MS account? If local or MSA, is the PC later on joined to Azure AD?
    Not joined to Azure AD, just to our regular domain through SCCM task sequence. No other local accounts created, just Administrator.
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    Windows 10 build 1030

    Closer, but not quite there

    Kman said:
    Not joined to Azure AD, just to our regular domain through SCCM task sequence. No other local accounts created, just Administrator.
    Wanted to let Kman know that I'm experiencing the exact same symptoms being reported. Everything associated with CopyProfile and sysprep seems to have been smoothed out except Search (and taskbar items which is known limitation).

    Tried multiple variations of configuration procedures e.g. w/wo unattend and the result is the same where errors point to corrupt profile.

    Fingers crossed that Kari will find the magic bullet.
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    I've had no time to test sysprep scenarios during the past days. I will so it within next few days and post my findings and possible solutions and / or workarounds here.
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    So, if you guys do just the following, do you get the issues you're describing?

    1. Install Windows 10.
    2. Enter Audit Mode using key combination when prompted for first installation question.
    3. When automatically logged into the Administrator account, Sysprep the machine with /generalize and /oobe. Do not use any unattend file at all. Don't even include it.
    4. Reboot the computer and let mini-setup run.
    5. When prompted to create a user account during the mini-setup, create a local user account.
    6. Complete the rest of the mini-setup.
    7. Login into the local user account you created.

    Do you have any issues if you strictly follow the above steps?
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    Windows 10 build 1030

    When the steps listed above are followed to the letter, I do not have the inactive search box problem. All custom applications and file systems changes are intact. Good troubleshooting idea spelling it out this way. Thanks!

    Of course since no XML was used for this procedure during sysprep or deployment, the profile is not copied and the manual installation process doesn't scale well. However, going about it this way suggests that the issue we're seeing has to do with profiles and search, not something more fundamental.

    I didn't mean to push Kari on this. He's kept a lot of us hopeful through some darker builds. Release Enterprise code using ADK tools actually works very smoothly - much better than anticipated. No more crashes. The non-functional search box for new users setup on a copyprofile sysprepped machine seems to be the last quirk.

    I should note that many of us realize that CopyProfile seems like a granular luxury for UI branding, when in our view it's pretty essential in that it carries IE settings (Edge isn't quite ready) as well as a lot of helper app and user maintenance settings. You can almost get there with MDT and IEAK and so on, but the beauty of CopyProfile is that it captures everything in one compressed file and that makes for a very fast, highly customized deployment. You have to sysprep anyway so...

    Thanks to everyone for keeping this thread alive. We had the same frustrations with 8 and it resolved beautifully in 8.1. I think we're on a much quicker path to resolution this go-round.
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    Did some more testing today. Looks like CopyProfile = true works wonderfully, as long as I don't run windows updates. When I install the CU (even the new one from today 8/11/15 KB3081436) and CopyProfile true in unattend.xml, the search bar is broken after osd.
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    Windows 10 x64

    So between the two of you, it sounds like what causes the issues is when CopyProfile is set to true and updates have been run?

    WalravenSmootss, sadly, unless Microsoft makes a significant change (which I hope they do -- I have provided feedback in the Feedback app saying so), I don't think we'll be able top customize Edge as we did Internet Explorer and have the settings go into the default profile.

    There are two problems right now:

    1. The most obvious issue is that you can't open 99% of Modern apps in Audit Mode. This is by design, and Windows 8.1 was the same. I have no clue what the idea is here, but it's really annoying. Edge is not the only app I'd like to customize; for example, the first time you open the Photos app, it tries to make you sign into a Microsoft account if you're logged into a local or domain account. I'd like to go ahead and get pass that so that users don't have to deal with it.

    2. The more fundamental problem is that Sysprep wipes out settings of Modern apps even if you find a way to set them.

    How do I know? In Audit Mode, make a new local user account. Log out of the Administrator account and log into the local user account. Now, because you're not logged into the Administrator account, you can open Modern apps. So, customize the settings of any app. Now, generalize the image using Sysprep.

    Because the profile was already created, Sysprep should leave it alone, right? Nope! All your Win32-program settings will be 100% fine, but your Modern-app settings will be 100% erased -- as if they'd never been run before.

    I have left feedback for this, as well. At the very least, Sysprep should leave alone Modern-app settings for user accounts created before Sysprep is run.
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    Is it possible to use the Windows ICD and do it with Provisioning Packages instead?

    I don't claim to have fully explored the ICD by any means, but I'm pretty sure that CopyProfile is a setting in there, and I'm also sure it's got some control over Modern/Universal apps.
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    ICD may be doing something above and beyond with the Modern apps, but CopyProfile itself absolutely does not do anything with Modern-app settings. Sysprep wipes out Modern-app settings with or without CopyProfile.

    In fact, you can't even open most Modern apps in Audit Mode.
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