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How to Use Find My Device for Windows 10 PCs

The Find My Device feature is now included for Windows 10 PCs starting in Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10565.

Find My Device for Windows 10 PCs, like Find My Phone for Windows 10 Mobile phones, will allow Microsoft to save your device's GPS location periodically. This way if you lose your device, or your device gets stolen, you will be able to see it's last known location in Your devices online at Microsoft for the same Microsoft account you sign in to the device with.

Find My Device online requires that you have turned on Find My Device on your Windows 10 PC on a map.

If you have Find My Device turned on, your device will update its location periodically if it's connected to the internet.

This tutorial will show you how to use Find My Device to see the last known location of your Windows 10 PC.

Here's How:

1. On any PC, go to Your devices online at Microsoft, and sign in (if not already) using the same Microsoft account you sign in to the Windows 10 PC you want to find.

2. Click/tap on the Find my device link for the Windows 10 device you want to locate. (see screenshot below)

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3. You will now see the last seen at timestamp and location of your Windows 10 device on a map. (see screenshot below)

Your device only sends its location if itís connected to the Internet.

You will be able to drag and zoom in and out of the map as needed.

If you locate your device and want to prevent anyone from using it or seeing your files, you can click/tap on the Lock button to lock it remotely.

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4. The Windows 10 PC you tried to locate will now get a notification about this action. Clicking on the notification will close it and open to the Your devices website at Microsoft. (see screenshot below)

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That's it,