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    SIW2 said:
    This should work:

    Yup... I have my own decryption app on GitHub (self-made in .Net - I'll have you know - not that decryption is an issue any longer.. but just saying)
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    Windows 10 Home 22H2

    Apologies to every one for the delayed response. Different time zone

    johngalt said:
    I know in the forums they're was talk on how to make the exact .ISO that you need, but as I am not at my computer I can't find it. It might have even been earlier in this very thread.
    The ESD2ISO should work with that ESD that is the combined version, though.
    Thanks again for your time. I presume you're referring to the multi release tool suggested by SIW2. He got the job done even before I could read your post... Strangely, the ESD2ISO I have can't seem to work with my ESD.

    SIW2 said:
    You could export the Home edition from the esd into install.wim. Home would then be image 2 in the install.wim.
    Then delete Image 1 (Pro)
    This is something I need to explore for future use, although I have no idea how just yet.

    SIW2 said:
    This should work:
    Thanks a heap. That worked. It created the core ISO I was looking for and I could do a trial install without any hiccups.

    Superfly said:
    It's deprecated... before there was only 1 index. Assigning gets done at setup.
    I'm afraid that went over my head

    Thanks again to every one for their time.
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    BRAC said:
    I'm afraid that went over my head

    Thanks again to every one for their time.
    Yup, be afraid... be very afraid
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    Windows 10

    Mess after trying to create ISO.

    I used ESDtoISO to create an ISO file from my existing C:\ESD folder and install.esd (sources).
    Creation process eventually failed due to "no access to \Windows folder" (script tried to import files...(?)).

    I ended up with an empty C:\ESD folder (script deleted the content?) and ESDtoISO folder contained \ISOFOLDER with Program Files, Program Data, Program Files (x86) and Windows folder, as I recall. The size of this folder was a wooping 12.5 GB... and the process was not finished due to lack of access to \Windows, LOL. Looks like the ISO would be close to 15GB...

    Deleting \Isofolder failed. I changed the ownership of \Isofolder, still couldn't delete, and used "unlocker" to move it to Rec.Bin.
    Recycle Bin is unable to empty the content, Windows freezes\crashes during the process.
    It looks like this snake started to eat its own tail and Windows somehow needs the content sitting in my recycle bin, is unable to delete it as some files are presumably in use...

    I found (page 85) the command to delete \ISOFOLDER... "rd /s /q C:\Users\Username\Downloads\ESDtoISO"
    but I'm wondering if I end up with crippled Windows after that. Logic says I won't, but my last experience tells me the opposite.

    So... I have few questions:
    1. can I still delete my recycle bin (seems I have to restore Isofolder... don't I?)?
    2. where is 12.5 GB coming from, and why ESDtoISO needed access to my \Windows folder? Wasn't it supposed to make an ISO file from ESD content (install.esd)?
    3. will deletion cripple my Windows?

    It was ver. 10586 I was working on upgrading with quite possibly ver. 1709 in my \ESD folder after Windows setup download. Now I realise there's a new UUP script, but still... if I was told "sorry, can't do it" I'd understand, this was something totally unexpected. Your script proceeded like nothing's wrong.

    I'd appreciate any help from creators...
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    Windows 10

    re. question 1 and 3.
    I decided to rd recycle bin from cmd/admin. It's gone and Windows is still alive. Uff... Since I do it remotely from the other side of the globe I was afraid I won't be able to log into windows, that would make things complicated, not impossible... but a lot more work. That seems to be behind me.
    What still bothers me is the answer to question 2.
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    win 10

    I have the same issue too isofolder with size up to 15 gb. My question can one create the iso image from build 1709 win 10
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    Windows 10

    I have the exact same problem as abprox... ESDTOISO script to generate ISO failed on Windows 10 Home using install.ESD as source. Motivation behind creating ISO was so I could remove some files to clear up space. Only unlike abprox, when I run the rd command, I get access denied. The ISOFOLDER is locked... no unlocker is working, and the rd /s /q command just results in 32,000 files saying access denied. What is going on??? I now have a 14GB folder that is unremovable on a disk that is now nearly full. Please help!
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