Snugglebugs said:
Strange! I have been using MWB for three years with a mix of Win 7 and Win 10 PCs with only one problem. At times the setup for my mouse that I use with my left hand switched buttons depending on whether MWB was in use or not. I discovered that some specialist mouse software from Logitech needed tweaking. I never cured it, but by choosing MWB to always start whether or not I would be using it patched up the conflict.
I suggest you check if you have different mouse software in use.
I have two mice from Logitech. One on the desktop and another over laptop. Laptop's one is M590 and on the desktop it's a G402. M590 has Logitech Options and G402 has Logitech's gaming software. Now I did notice some stuff per se.

As long as the host's, my laptop's mouse was being accelerated by the Pointer speed and Enhance Pointer precision in windows settings (Logitech Options has dedicated options to do the same itself too, but they aren't in sync together). The pointer over desktop would just gaslight. So frigging fast to use.
I had to put the settings to the middle of the slider for pointer speed and disable the precision option both in windows and on Logitech Options. That made it a lot better on the slave/client windows, on the Desktop.

Then I also tried doing the same on Desktop. It feels better, quite better but unfortunately still the pointer speed on laptop isn't still the same on Desktop. It indeed feels faster than the laptop. Then I also noticed that my screen had different resolutions, and on desktop I even had 150% scaling. So I turned those off, put the desktop's resolution to the same as laptop's without any scaling. But it still isn't the same as Laptop unfortunately.