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Thanks. The color filter seems to apply to everything including shortcut icons. I found a theme called Blac & Grey in themes thread on this forum. I think it's made by you. It also changed the file explorer for me. Now I need some nice wallpapers because Windows Spotlight doesn't work like it used to for me anymore. I used to get mine from there. It doesn't ask me if I like them anymore after the update.

I also applied the Dark forum theme. It's really nice. What is TF Responsive Don't Use?
I don't know, I think it's something/a tool for the owner of the forum to use when making skins. But don't quote me there.
Oh Black & Grey, the high contrast theme I made a while back? I'm happy you like it, and glad it helped.
There are other dark high contrast themes there to, you might want to try them, also until you find one that exactly fits your needs.