Windows 10: Clean Install Windows 10 Directly without having to Upgrade First  

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  1.    04 Jan 2016 #200

    I got to step 5 of the tutorial. Right click, run as administrator, then nothing. No GenuineTicket.xml placed on my desktop. I do have a product key from another utility.
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    Did you run the gatherosstate.exe from the Sources folder or was it extracted to the desktop first? There's a warning to be observed right after Step #4 about that.

    You must copy the gatherosstate.exe file to your desktop.

    If you do step 5 below directly from the sources folder location instead of from your desktop, it will not work.
    After it was extracted here I placed it with 10 iso downloads and the Media Creation tool in a separate folder and tried running it from there and also got nowhere fast. It has to be right out there on the desktop of the Windows version you are trying to see the xml file created from in order to work.

    Fortunately but the long way back in August I upgraded a laptop the hard way with this option and now have to see a clean install of the Threshold 2 10586 build go on since it was still running the 10240. When going to run the upgrade nothing but a loud click from the hard drive and a black screen while the led flashed on and off steadily instead of fluttering as if Windows was loading.

    A new drive will be in by Friday to see the TH2 clean install. But 10 was already on for months and activated where I won't be expecting only one problem. You have to use a dvd since there's boot device menu to bring up to boot from an 8gb or 16gb flash drive being the size needed for the 11/11 update. If any problem should come up I would simply enter the OEM 7 Home Premium key on the sticker. You can try entering the Acer key if this is on the desktop you have in your system specs.
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  3.    21 Jan 2016 #202

    Night Hawk said: View Post
    With a valid 7 key at this time you shouldn't even need to upgrade but simply enter the 7 key following the clean install of 10.
    So if I have a Windows 7 Pro COA stickers on my work PCs, I can go straight to a clean install using win10 TH2 build? No need to upgrade first then wipe anymore?
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       21 Jan 2016 #203

    Hello sweethip, and welcome to Ten Forums.

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       21 Jan 2016 #204

    sweethip said: View Post
    So if I have a Windows 7 Pro COA stickers on my work PCs, I can go straight to a clean install using win10 TH2 build? No need to upgrade first then wipe anymore?
    Precisely! You will need to follow the guide here however to see working results. Once you have the GenuineTicket.xml created from the OEM 7 install and have that tucked away safe on a flash drive or location where a clean install of 10 won't see it lost(refer to Step #6) you simply copy that into the location specified in Step #8. It might take more then the first restart but the fresh install of should activate automatically for you.

    You can thank Shawn for seeing this guide posted when we had originally discussed how frustrating it was going to be for all those people who would end up running into buggy upgrade install where this guide not saves people from seeing that but the need to follow those up with the second clean install to follow. This is a real time saver seen in the guide here!
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  6.    22 Jan 2016 #205

    sweethip said: View Post
    So if I have a Windows 7 Pro COA stickers on my work PCs, I can go straight to a clean install using win10 TH2 build? No need to upgrade first then wipe anymore?
    If you have the COA key (it hasn't rubbed off) you can also now just enter that direct when clean installing 1511 version.
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       22 Jan 2016 #206

    He should be set to go either way while the guide here is the sure fire method to see results. I put a 7 key in on a 10 Home VM and saw that activated for the 10586 version 1511 still same build and number Insider Preview that was available a week or two before the TH2 was out. I believe the 10576 just before that was the first to allow for entering keys directly.

    As far as that laptop mentioned earlier it turned out it wasn't a failed drive but a failed integrated graphics chip on the system board itself without the expansion options to add in a separate video card as many of the larger performance/gaming type laptops have.
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  8.    24 Jan 2016 #207

    Hi, Thanks for the hint
    does this method work with OEM licenses? I have an ASUS with preinstalled windows 8.1, and my internet connection is very low and interrupted while connecting! so I'm trying to bypass upgrade process and prefer using download tools such as IDM, because if download interrupted, it could be resumed later!
    I appreciate any suggestion

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       24 Jan 2016 #208

    Hello MrGrinch Welcome to the Ten Forums!

    The clean install method outlined here works for both retail and OEM preinstalls as well as for custom builds since the GenuineTicket.xml file extracted preserves the activation status for transfer over to 10 from one of the previous versions 7, 8, or 8.1 which you have there. Most are usually better off first seeing the "Windows.iso" downloaded first and saved locally by either the Media Creation tool or at the Tech Bench site to have the download onhand if not seeing the 10 media made up. Windows 10 ISO Download - Windows 10 Forums

    Have you checked to see if you have the Anytime Upgrade option by chance? If you have that of course it would strictly be for the upgrade which you can avoid using the method here.

    First you may need a dvd rather then flash drive made up if you are not able to call up the boot device menu, the UEFI(Unified Extensified Firmware Interface) setting is greyed out in the bios setup, or it is set by default for the FN key combination with other key assigned for a function when pressed to together that needs to switched to the "F1-F12" keys mode. That's where if you working with a laptop for example the optical may already set as the actual first in the boot order for when going to use recovery media.

    Up until recently I was setting up a laptop that came with 7 being an older where you couldn't even get into the bios but also saw the FN key. You couldn't call up a boot menu at power up. When something went on that the new model that came with 10 already on did see the UEFI greyed out but you could hit the F2 key(or ESC and F1) in order to get into the bios and switch over to the F1-F12 keys option but still wouldn't boot from a flash drive.
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  10.    24 Jan 2016 #209

    Will this procedure work with a Win7 PRO *RETAIL UPGRADE* Key?

    Hi all,

    I tried to find this information in the previous pages, but could not. I purchased my Windows 7 Upgrade in a Retail Box from BestBuy**. Will I be able to use the key that came in the retail box in order to activate a fresh installation of Windows 10 Pro 64bit? (Does Microsoft have a page where I can enter my Win7 Upgrade key and check if it can activate Win10?) I'm asking because I'd rather not reformat my system drive (I want a clean Win10 installation because this one is pretty messy, etc.) only to find out that I can't use my key when I'm ready to install.

    Please note that I DID upgrade this Win7 installation successfully to Win10 (via Windows Update), but things weren't working to my liking, so I went reverted back to 7.

    Thank you so much,


    ** Some more information, in case it's needed: the two DVDs (for 32bit and 64bit) came in the plastic box with the cardboard sleeve, and the key on the printed on the cardboard insert--I'm sure you know what I mean; I still have the entire package and my receipt. I purchased this because I had an original retail box for Windows XP (not Upgrade), so it was the logical option. I used the 64bit DVD to install Win7 a couple of times on my old desktop, and once when I upgraded to the current machine (the processor fried in the old one, and the whole thing was so old that it was not worth doing anything with, anyway). This is the installation I am currently running as I'm typing this.
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