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    windows 10

    One slight problem, thought I might try upgrading to windows 10 from 8.1. Downloaded via windows update.
    Now it completed the install, however after login i just get a black screen. I can move mouse, and Carl-alt-delete and go back to login.

    i figure it is probably an easy fix if I could get into safe mode or even into recovery. However I cannot crash the computer fast enough.
    So I am stuck with a useless system at the moment. I think with a little work I can get it to crash.

    Yes I was an idiot not to create boot media, but so did not expect this to happen. If it happened to me - then I am fairly sure it will happen to others. Easy access to recovery is the solution. The F8 was the fix in 95 , 98 ,ME (although nothing could fix that) ,Xp ect.

    Please bring something back to make this easier for us.
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    64-bit Windows 11 Pro for Workstations
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    Hello Casio, and welcome to Ten Forums. :)

    If you like, you could create a bootable Windows 10 installation USB on another computer, and boot from it on your computer for advanced startup options.
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    windows 10

    i have re-installed 8.1 & now downloading 10 so i can make a multi-boot with recovery. Then i think i will try again with a fresh version of 10.
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    Windows 10 Pro version 22H2 0n one desktop and running Window 11 Pro 22H2 on unsupported desktop

    Maybe this is a simply dumb query but I have too say or rather ask why has the F8 option been taken away and attaching pics to replies in this forum is now quite convoluted whereas in 7 it was a very simple operation.

    It sort of looks to me like it is means making the Windows experience a lot harder to get ones head around and I did post somewhere else no email notification of replies to ones post. If I could see a reason it might make it a tad easier to understand and not drive me away from this current version. It is sad really because it does seem to me and I am just a pleb and not overly savvy and 10 like 8 (which I disliked intensely) is not for us ordinary folk.

    Seems like Microsoft is repairing an unbroken wheel
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    64-bit Windows 11 Pro for Workstations
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    Hey John,

    When you upload a file, you just need to be sure to attach it afterwards. Uploading it alone will not have the file/image show in the post. :)

    If you like, you can use the same method below in Windows 10 as well to add Safe Mode to the boot options screen.
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    Win 10 Pro x64 versions

    I have the exact same problem as CasioJones in post #10 of this thread wherein I boot to the OS and the result is a black screen. I have found that it is possible if rebooting that after login the desktop appears but displays no program icons including the recycle bin and displays as a rapidly flickering image for a minute or so before I get the black screen. The single other difference for me is that my install was not an upgrade from a previous version of Windows but rather a stand alone install from a downloaded ISO file from Microsoft.

    I too can use ctrl+alt+del to access the several options to run task manager, switch user, etc, and they all work but the desktop refuses to display. The lack of icons gives me the notion that Windows explorer is not running. I recall a bug in Windows 7 that followed this scenario in which the solution was a registry hack, might this be a regressive bug in Windows 10?

    I realize that I can use my install media to attempt access to Safe Mode and if that indeed works I am a bit uncertain as to what direction to take to try to figure out exactly what is wrong here. So I am looking for some direction here on what I might try to solve the issue. I'm all ears!

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    64-bit Windows 11 Pro for Workstations
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    Hello Railtech, and welcome to Ten Forums.

    Are you able to run explorer from Task Manger to get your desktop back?
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    Win 10 Pro x64 versions

    I have not tried that yet. Right now I am away from the machine and cannot test. Might be that way for awhile but I will certainly give that a try. Thanks and I am open for anything else you might think of.

    EDIT: Do you think it might be a user profile corruption issue?
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    10 - 8.1 - Ubuntu

    Brink said:
    Hello cblman, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    If you like, you could also boot from a "recovery drive" or installation media with OPTION ONE to boot to Safe Mode.

    Advanced Startup Options - Boot to in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
    Sounds good now, but the Cloud-Upgrade model MS is using means no recovery disk at install. Needless to say my upgrade did not go well and I had no safe-mode recovery option or W10 media. If that's an inherent limitation of the system fine, but if it was deliberate it was another huge error.

    I'm restored and operational, after a lot of extra work, but needless to say MS has long forgotten what being a user feels like. I'm just glad I had the skills to recover. What do non-IT folks do?
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    64-bit Windows 11 Pro for Workstations
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    Hello John, and welcome to Ten Forums. :)

    You will always be able to have installation or recovery media for Windows 10.
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