Well you know what they say about if the shoe fits wear it!

All I can say is that 10 this time is more then just a new adventure as seen previously for each newer version to come along. MS has been changing the rule book a bit for 10! These forums have been seeing a huge number of very useful guides over the years as well such as this one here which has been invaluable in seeing people get things working.

So far up until this point 10 has been proving itself to be a rather stable element in contrast to the Big and Floppy MS goof initially seen with 8 when trying to splash us with a dual platform OS. I knew back then it would take a few more versions in order for MS to start seeing thing shape up into something worth looking at while still wanting to keep the 7 side going as long as possible if not all the way to 2020. I paid full price for the Ultimate edition back in '09 and wanted to get my money's worth at the same time having found that to be a champ at the time. We still have to move forward however.