Multiple Displays - Change Settings and Layout in Windows 10  

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       30 Sep 2017 #30

    THX1138 said: View Post
    Thanks but I think that only covers changing the resolution whereas I want to be able to set the layout, or relative positions of the monitors and not the resolutions.
    It might be possible but I bet it requires quite a lot scripting. Searching Bing I found this: Display Changer 12noon
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  2.    30 Sep 2017 #31

    If you have two monitors which are of different resolutions, you can use winkey+shift+left/right arrow keys to move the currently active window across to the other monitor. This preserves the window size. If you just drag them across then the window will resize according to the other monitor.
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  3.    12 Mar 2018 #32

    Thank you. This post assisted me with changing resolution on both of my displays. I didn't realize that unless each monitor is selected individually and resolution set for each separately that the displays wouldn't automatically duplicate resolutions.
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  4.    14 Mar 2018 #33

    Dual Monitor Tools

    I've been using Dual Monitor Tools version, by Gerald Evans to control my four monitors. It is very configurable, I defined CNTL - ALT - HOME to bring my cursor back home. I am very happy with this free download.
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       23 May 2018 #34

    Monitors not exactly aligned

    I have 3 monitors (Left, Middle, Right)
    L & M are DELL P2214H; R is DELL P2217H
    all 3 are set to 1080x1920 resolution

    L & M are in LANDSCAPE mode; R is in PORTRAIT mode

    All three monitors are in "extended desktop.." with R being the 'main' display with a single task-bar at the right-most vertical side.

    My problem is between monitors L and M:
    I have tried everything to align these two monitors (used Settings/Display ....) but they don't quite align
    correctly. There is about an 4-5 mm difference between the monitors. Hence, when I stretch a application across both monitors the gap makes it difficult to work. I have tried everything, but it never completely aligns.

    Any suggestions to fix this issue will be greatly appreciated.
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  6.    23 May 2018 #35

    I'm using two HP monitors, one IBM monitor, and one Dell monitor. I use a MSI GeForce GTX 960 graphics adapter for the four monitors. I'm running Windows 10 Prox x64 on a Xeon with 6 cores. There are multiple utilities in play controlling the topology of the extended desktop.
    • Windows 10 Pro, Settings > Display
    • "Dual Monitor Tools", described in an earlier post in this thread
    • "HP Display Assistant"
    • "NVIDIA GeForce Experience"
    • Control Panel > NVIDIA Control Panel

    I'm having a senior moment remembering which takes precedence.

    Don't forget that most monitors can adjust their physical height. After finding what I got from all of these software settings, I did a final adjustment by physically raising or lowering the monitors.

    The final adjustment is with your eyes and brain. Unless you are adjusting the white level and color settings in each monitor, you might notice the the colors across monitors do not match exactly. Drag a window across the monitors and you might sense the color shifts. Your eye and mind adapts.
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  7.    05 Aug 2018 #36

    This feature has been working perfectly for me during the eight years I've had my laptop connected to my tv. Until yesterday! My computer's HDMI-connection suddenly lost contact with my tv-screen. Through an update or what not it didn't work anymore. I contacted Microsoft chat-support and they sent me an "in-place upgrade" and promised me that "everything would work out fine". After hours of downloading and installing i realised it didn't work anyway! Trying to find my tv-screen through Windows Settings, System, Display and also through the Intel Graphics settings with no result, I got frustrated and tried an unconventional tactic. I just unplugged the HDMI-connection in my computer and put it back in again. When I had done this five or six times suddenly it worked! So this is what I have to do now almost every time I want to watch anything on my computer through HDMI. However now I manage to do it in one or two attempts. Is this the way a modern "stable" operating system should be working?
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    As a newbie here I was getting confused as to what the menus meant! Now I can understand better.

    I need to have my monitor close to me and having two monitors apart is no good. But after reading the tutorial, by experiment, I found a workaround.
    My main monitor has the standard input socket plus a HDMI input. If I connect the standard output on my Win 10 desktop to its own monitor and the HDMI to my other (Win 7) desktop's monitor HFMI input then I can select either Desktop to show on the one monitor. I also installed Mouse Without Borders. I just have to remember to match the monitor input (press button on the frame) to where I have moved the cursor

    I only worked this out half an hour ago so am still getting used to it. Not sure what happens if one desktop goes to sleep while I am "using" the other! Maybe moving the cursor to the sleepyhead will wake it up - all good fun.

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