Windows 10: Dual Boot Windows 10 with Windows 7 or Windows 8  

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    7 and 10 on various machines
       19 Mar 2017 #230

    Just remember that with 7 you still have to contend with the newer Secure Boot factor if you do end up splitting a single drive. Only certain more expensive models offer the dual HD capacity in those only!
    Hmm sounds like I might have bitten off more than I can chew perhaps because I can't remember what is set in the BIOS of this machine and as it came with a downgrade from 10 am assuming the sellers made the settings for 7 then. By this machine I mean an Asus P2520LA which has just the single drive and EUFI.

    Now I don't know if I have it correct but when I installed the 10 on a separate drive it went off like a clock no problems at all and I didn't make any changes to the BIOS then so was just thinking it would be a straight forward process as per tutorial.

    Shawn ok will do that and thanks again to you both.

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    64-bit Windows 10 Pro build 16241
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       19 Mar 2017 #231

    Please let us know how it went.
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    7 and 10 on various machines
       19 Mar 2017 #232

    Will do
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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W10 Pro Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64 - remote pc
       19 Mar 2017 #233

    It definitely will be interesting in hearing how things went for you there! This is why while needing the latest version of another long time boot manager many are familiar with I still saw that each drive adding a second into the seond remote test build for a dual boot for Pro of each 7 and 10 editions and on the main 10 Pro with 7 Ultimate I intend to keep running until 2020 at least the stand alone drive not necessarily bios booted constantly does seem to solve any number of issues that come up and why I had to remind about the Secure Boot situation.

    With two versions of Windows on one drive 7 would have to go on first in order for this to work I would think since you would run into many issues trying to get 7 on last being the older version as well as making sure the 10 installer doesn't simply declare the project as upgrade rather then side by side. MS wanted 10 to dominate over all else! Unfortunately only a very few out of some brands of laptops will be large enough to hold a second hd or the thought about a 7 VM? also comes to mind if you run into too many problems. Just be sure to see to a good image of things if they do go well!
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    7 and 10 on various machines
       20 Mar 2017 #234

    Actually I am getting a little bit hesitant after reading this afternoon again about the latest 10 updates breaking machines so I am going to have to image my systems before I go on line with them as I do not want anything like that happening to them. The dual boot well will have to wait and see what happens to the installed ones first.
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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W10 Pro Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64 - remote pc
       20 Mar 2017 #235

    I've been running into problems lately here with updates as well. I will be in the middle of something and the notification comes barreling across the screen minimizing a gaming session or browser window and then the entire process reaching 100% suddenly due to one particular update only out of several even will suddenly stall and watch everything revert backwards.

    The WUShowHide tool has been seeing some serious use lately for sure! One other thing to note here if I didn't already mention that if the drive you would be trying to dual boot came with the laptop the OEM everything will need to be wiped entirely including the primary, restoration partitions due to the lock where you wouldn't be to split the drive up by shrinking the OEM primary down. This is where you may want to consider a clean start from scratch to avoid running into that item.

    As for a couple of good image backups I would say the Before and After would be advised if you are able to see a working dual boot! When booting daily into 10 on the test build but ignoring 7 for a time the 7 Pro side stalled until fixed from lack of use while testing some of those early builds before the RS1 was out. Lately I haven't had much time to spend with it however. Presently tied up with other things for a bit. The VM idea might still be a thought for the time being however.
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    7 and 10 on various machines
       20 Mar 2017 #236

    The WUShowHide tool has been seeing some serious use lately for sure!
    Now mate is that an add on app or is it in the settings of 10?? as I couldn't find it anywhere here and don't have a machine in front of me with 10 just now??
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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W10 Pro Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64 - remote pc
       21 Mar 2017 #237

    That's a separate download you get direct from MS there. The other guide on the wushowhide.diagcab utility should be looked over as well as having the download links embedded there. Hide or Show Windows Updates in Windows 10

    Been using and seeing some actual good results as far as dealing with headache updates and not just MS updates but a very stubborn AMD LanguageFeature type update was gumming up the works until using the tool to deal with that! When multiple updates arrive at the same time you will have a check box for each one and the results will show "fixed" beside each you check off.
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    7 and 10 on various machines
       21 Mar 2017 #238

    Thanks Night Hawk I'll get onto that when I get home
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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W10 Pro Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64 - remote pc
       21 Mar 2017 #239

    Great! Give it a whirl and just remember when seeing a bunch in the last day and using it the only that went without any fuss was the upgrade versions of two web browsers not the Cumulative updates that were hanging things up! The ones you check off won't be on the list when running a second check after the first if manual or if prompted. Works good too since the old 7 options to check and uncheck each one in two separate categories is no longer seen in Windows.

    The stubborn that showed 100% twice seen and then reverted everything back including some other cumulatives and at least one or two security patches is the "Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB3213986)" If you run into this one at all you may want to see that one fixed fast!
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