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    7 and 10 on various machines
       13 May 2016 #180

    Well had a look for the retail stuff and there are offers like I mentioned before and it comes in various modes USB, DVD and just downloads I guess the best price for something I know would be genuine from my usual supplier of gear is $140 a Home 64bit. I'll give it a while because a) the prices usually come down given a little bit of time b) the Aussie dollar is pretty pathetic right now against any of the major currencies.

    Anyway better let the thread get back OT eh?
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       13 May 2016 #181

    ICIT2LOL said: View Post
    Yep me too NH now I just went looking out of curiosity for the the price of a 10 licence and am surprised there is so much difference anything from $75 - $300 the latte being Pro from Microsoft themselves. Thing is out here stuff is so much more expensive than the US - so much for the "lucky country" eh?
    I don't know where you are, but everyone else in the world has cheaper and faster Internet than the US.
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    7 and 10 on various machines
       13 May 2016 #182

    I don't know where you are, but everyone else in the world has cheaper and faster Internet than the US.
    Hmm well my avatar should give you some idea of where I am but what you say about internet costs and speeds is definitely not true because out here it can be cheap to a point but fast until they roll out the new network - NBN it's like wading through treacle and then not always reliable.
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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W10 Pro Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64 - remote pc
       13 May 2016 #183

    Connection speeds will vary even when being the same type. When the ISP host servers are busy you can expect to see slow downs as well as when other sites you are visiting are also busy. And then you weigh in the type of connection as well. Dial-up cannot be topped as the "ssslowwwest" type creeping at dinosaur speeds. FIOS on the other hand for dsl may end up being faster then cable! So a review of the US ISP Wynona has going might be in order. XFinity here is reasonable cable.

    Where you are probably isn't as remote as other locations like the Outback territories I could imagine unless you are top of the Red Centre? by the location you put in your profile. :) Got a contact almost your neighbor out that way.

    As far as pricing goes that usually depends on the type of service as well as the varying rates seen by different ISPs to begin with. Each will have their plans and rates depending on what is profitable for them to maintain the service. People never stop to look at obstacles to carry service to remote as well as more populated areas. That includes the US as well as anywhere else. Satellite tends to be the price grabber with charge per page visited.
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    Brink said: View Post
    That shouldn't happen when running the setup.exe from inside the sources folder though. It's for doing a custom install same as if doing so at boot.

    If you ran setup.exe in the root directory, then it would do an upgrade install.

    I must admit that I'm not sure what caused it to do this, but as long it's working perfectly fine is what counts.
    Hi Shawn,
    Are you saying here that I can do a custom install of Windows by running the setup.exe from inside the 'Sources' folder. Does that mean I don't have to boot from the USB flash drive, just plug it in! I thought that to get the 'Custom' option I had to boot from the bootable flash drive, which I'm having problems with at the moment. The dialog box that initially opens to install Windows is so small I can't even read it without a magnifying glass. And it won't operate anyway. I've been trying to dual boot my ultrabook, because I can't get back to W.8.1 because the MS technicians fouled it up trying to correct problems after I did the free upgrade to W.10. Thanks for a reply.
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       01 Aug 2016 #185

    Hello Robin, :)

    Yes, but if you wanted to do a clean install, you would need to boot from the USB.
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    7 and 10 on various machines
       17 Dec 2016 #186

    Hello Shawn mate I currently have my travel laptop (Asus P2520LA) set up with two hard drives one has 7 on it and the other drive has an OEM version of 10 Pro installed on it.
    Now to save myself swapping the drives out - not hard but could be tedious so I want to dual boot 10 on to this machine so I can pick either at power up.

    Now I have read though the tutorial and it says to use a stick to install the 10 whereas I have an OEM DVD for 10.

    I have a few concerns that the two systems might conflict with two activation codes being required on the same drive and I recently used EasyBCD to dual boot another of my machines with 7 and Zorin. It was very easy to do once I created a partition on the drive using that method but Neosmart say BCD has difficulties in an EFI environment.

    So I would appreciate your thoughts on just how I should go about this as I don't want want to wreck this drive although I can do a clone of it if I need to use it should things go south and I think in any case I should do that in case of emergencies.
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       17 Dec 2016 #187

    Hello John, :)

    My main concern would for the OEM Windows 10. An OEM license is non transferable, and can only be used to activate on the PC (motherboard) it was first activated on.

    If you're good to go with that, then it wouldn't be an issue to have W7 and W10 dual booting on the same hard drive on different partitions.
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    7 and 10 on various machines
       17 Dec 2016 #188

    Ok Shawn that 10 OEM was installed on the machine I intend to dual boot (on a separate drive I have now stored) so I don't have an issue with that because the code will be on that board - more that if I go to dual boot and stick the DVD in for the dual boot setup will there be any problems with the code for the OEM being ok when the drive has the 7 already installed on it.

    I cannot quite grasp how this is going to work. For example when I set up the separate partition for the 10 and use the OEM DVD to make the dual boot up using EasyBCD to do that - is the machine going to get really confused with the two different activation codes in the ?BIOS
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       17 Dec 2016 #189

    There's really no need for EasyBCD since you should have both W7 and W10 to select to boot to at startup after using the steps in the tutorial with W10 installation media. The boot manager will be updated by Windows Setup while installing Windows 10.

    The two separate keys won't be an issue. Between Windows 10 and the activation servers, it'll know which one to use, or it'll ask you to enter the key during installation. Worse case scenario, you would only need to manually change the product key if needed afterwards to the correct one.
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