Windows 10: Dual Boot Windows 10 with Windows 7 or Windows 8  

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       09 May 2016 #160

    You'll find out if you can dual boot if both OS's are listed to select from to boot at startup.
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       09 May 2016 #161

    Ok mate I am going to do the dual boot as I did the last one as I have made a clone to an old spinner of the 7 install.

    If all goes well I shall use the spinner for a bit and then when I am ok with it I shall clone the new SSD when it comes - have ordered a new one so I shall just put up with it being a bit slower for a few days.
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       10 May 2016 #162

    Well have at last got the thing dual booted but somewhere I have missed something and instead of logging in with just my password under John I now have my email address and the live password to login and I don't want that is there some way of getting back the old login in method please. I have checked in Control Panel but nothing there to change this.

    I did notice too that this dual boot has the 10 Pro version whereas the main laptop has the Home 10??

    Perhaps I had better not use this drive and flip the 7 only drive back in and wait for the new SSD to arrive - again a right muck up and why I use clones - thank the powers that be.

    Just a by the by the install did not really go as per tutorial it seemed to miss a few bits??
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       10 May 2016 #163


    It sounds like you switched your local account to a Microsoft account. You can switch it back to a local account, and just sign in to the Store with your Microsoft account if you want to be able use apps.

    If you just wanted to have Windows automatically sign in to your account at startup, then you could use this below.

    Sign in User Account Automatically at Windows 10 Startup

    The product key used to activate is what determines which edition of Windows 10 gets installed.
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       10 May 2016 #164

    OK Shawn yes that is what I did because the was just the next step that came up as opposed to what happened when I dual booted the large laptop. I don't remember seeing any other choice but I will go and try change it back using your links because I don't like my email address splashed all over the login part.

    Again the "routine" seemed a little different to before in that I not sure why that set.exe is saved to the desktop I just worked off the DVD listing because the saved exe did nothing and again I could still not be following it right - the smaller links to me make things a tad confusing - could that be the problem?

    Having said that am now getting the hang of navigating 10 a little better now
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       10 May 2016 #165

    I'm glad you're starting to get the hang of W10.

    If you have build 14328 or later installed, you'll have an option to not show your Microsoft account's email address on the sign-in screen.
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       10 May 2016 #166

    Thanks Shawn I think I said once you had the brain the size of Texas but I was wrong it surely must be the size of the USA That first link did exactly what I wanted.

    Now my build is 10586.218 on the smaller laptop it is exactly the same except that the main laptop is the Home 10 and the one I have just dual booted is a Pro version.

    There are one or two little issues like my boot time for 7 is slower but not by much all the same running between apps is faster than 7.

    The other thing I did notice from the pics in your tutorials that the spot where you change that sign in is a touch different to mine. If I could or rather when I do work out how to attach pics I should be ale to attach to posts etc - I know the tutorial but still find it a little harder to follow than the old 7 method.
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       12 May 2016 #167

    Now I have lost the screen that gives the choice of what OS I want to boot. it just hangs with the dots having done a few turns and then become stationary. I have found that using the down arrows I can pick 7 or just one arrow down to pick 10 it is more of an annoyance more than anything else but as I still have the spinner in this machine it is hard to tell what the heck it is doing by having to wait ages for it to boot as the other machine the choice is instant.

    Any remedies?? and is it true that if the 10 is installed on the code for the 7 Pro then the code becomes defunct if I choose to reinstall 7 for any reason on another drive??
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       12 May 2016 #168

    You could try doing a startup repair of Windows 10 to fix the "Choose an OS" screen. If that doesn't help, then please go ahead and create a new thread for this issue with a copy of your bcdedit command results, and I'll be happy to see what I can do to help.

    When you activate W10 with your W7 key, you will only be able to have either W10 or W7 installed and activated with the same key, but not both. You would need to have another product key to have both installed and activated.
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       12 May 2016 #169

    Ok Shawn so in other words I have to either try and keep this dual boot intact or do I have choose to have 10 or 7 on this machine at some later date?

    Would you rather me to start a new thread re this issue because right now I feel a little cheated as I said before have just started to get to find my way around 10 yet I do still have a preference for 7 (but would like to keep the dual boot for the convenience of having both on one machine).

    I suppose in all honesty like so many others I do not understand the legal jargonistic manner that the rules are published by Microsoft - hence me feeling a little cheated as I stated just previously.
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