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  1.    11 Jan 2017 #900

    I am back! Thanks for the help before - a few weeks ago. I did do a clean install of Windows 10, and everything worked great! As a reminder, I had an existing XML file that was overriding my XML file. Thanks for your help. Now, somehow, my Windows 10 install has gotten corrupted. I want to/need to reinstall Windows 10. I would like to save my files that I have loaded onto the computer instead of doing a clean install. Can I do this with my Users folder on a different drive? Do I have to do a clean install again and reload my files? If not, do I need to do anything differently when reinstalling Windows than if I had not moved my Users folder to a different drive from Windows? Do I need to move my Users folder back to the Windows drive before proceeding? Thanks.
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    johnshaia said: View Post
    Now, somehow, my Windows 10 install has gotten corrupted. I want to/need to reinstall Windows 10.
    A simple Repair Install should take care of occasional Windows issues, leaving all your installed software and user data intact. Repair install can be done also when the profile folder Users has been relocated.

    See this tutorial: Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade

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    Thank you so much for the quick reply!!
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  4.    11 Jan 2017 #903

    Kari said: View Post
    A bit long answer but I want to make this clear once and for all: No, the CPI Source is not needed, I've removed it from sample answer file in this tutorial.

    Cool, at least I got something right seeing it was last last night and my brain was fried. I might suggest putting a asterisk in the tutorial about the line no longer being needed since that line is also stressed in the video(s). That's what had me confused.

    Thanks for the tutorial and the answer, I am sure this will work better than hacking the registry or another suggestion I found which was;

    mklink /J C:\Users\UserName D:\Users\UserName
    The part I didn't understand about the mlink was which drive would actually contain the files (use up harddrive space) and the place I found it didn't seem active.

    I am looking forward to exploring more of this site and it's all because of your great, thoughtful and detailed tutorial. My system is a dual boot with Linux Debian and Win10 and I bet somewhere on this site explains how I get the windows boot loader back instead of the boring Grub bootloader from Linux. I did it before I think with a series of bcedit commands but for the life of me can't remember how...
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  5.    11 Jan 2017 #904

    Well, it worked so I guess that answers my question. No you can't use;

    It will fail...

    Thanks again...
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  6.    14 Jan 2017 #905

    Hello, I have a big problem.

    I just received a brand new computer with Windows 10 already installed, with C:\ being the SSD containing Windows, Users, etc., D:\ being on the hard-drive and E:\ being a 15 Go recovery drive. I wanted to move \Users from C:\ to D:\ using Method Two, but it failed and now I'm stuck with the "other user" issue and I'll have to find how to reinstall (any help? )

    Is it because the letter D was already taken?
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    renew said: View Post
    Hello, I have a big problem.
    What is the make and model of your computer? Is Windows pre-installed by original manufacturer?
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  8.    14 Jan 2017 #907

    Thanks for your quick answer :)

    I have a HP Omen 15ax045nf and Windows was already installed. I found the F11 at start solution to reinitialize the PC, which is being done (takes quite some time!).

    How can I not mess up next time, please? :/

    edit: is it only because I didn't do the following? If the partition or disk you want to use already has a letter D:, change it to something else, close the Disk Management, open it again and change the letter back to D:
    Last edited by renew; 14 Jan 2017 at 15:37.
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    First, my apologies for not welcoming you to Ten Forums, I didn't notice your previous post was your first one. Here we go: Welcome to Ten Forums Rene :)

    renew said: View Post
    edit: is it only because I didn't do the following? If the partition or disk you want to use already has a letter D:, change it to something else, close the Disk Management, open it again and change the letter back to D:
    No, I do not believe that's it in your case, assuming the partitioning was already done when you bought the PC.

    Good to know you found how to factory reset. That being said, I do not recommend you doing this for multiple reasons.

    Some OEM manufacturers have customized the setup and factory reset so that they override every user modification. This process needs Sysprep which in its turn forces Windows to go through OOBE setup phase. At this point those OEM defaults take control, and your own answer file (the XML script) will be ignored.

    Dell and HP are the worst, it is almost impossible to get Method Two to work on their pre-installed Windows.

    I have no idea how experienced PC and Windows user you are, so take the following with caution; I am not recommending anything, not suggesting anything, I am just telling my subjective personal opinion and telling what I would do if I were you:

    I would never use and have never used (since late 1990's) a pre-installed Windows. When I buy a new PC which comes with a pre-installed Windows and all that bundled "bloatware" like 30 day trial of this antivirus and 60 day trial of that media and DVD player, or another "One Year Free Account!" service, I simply boot the new PC once to desktop, copy the possible driver setup folder to an external disk, boot the PC with Windows install DVD or USB and do a clean install, then do Method One in this tutorial.

    A new start completely from scratch; when doing the clean install I wipe all the disks empty and clean, including manufacturer's recovery partition. I have no use for it.

    Only recommendation I have is either accept the facts and use your pre-installed Windows as it is, maybe moving some user data to another partition or disk as told in this tutorial, or bite the bullet: download Windows 10 install ISO image (tutorial) from Microsoft, burn it to a DVD or USB (tutorial) and do a clean install (tutorial).

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  10.    14 Jan 2017 #909

    Kari said: View Post
    First, welcome to Ten Forums Astyx.

    I asked mods to move your post in this thread because your question is directly related to this tutorial and a video it includes. Having your issue and possible solution posted here might benefit other users with same issue.

    Your description of events does not sound correct. As Bree told you, the built-in administrator account always exists, it's just deactivated by default and therefore hidden. What the video and tutorial instructions show is how to activate it in order to be able to sign in to it and use it. At no point will activating this built-in administrator account be "displaying the usual messages when creating an account" as you mentioned.

    You just enter a simple command net user Administrator /active:yes (yellow highlight in below screenshot), and get a clear and simple confirmation that command was completed, executed successfully (green highlight):

    That being said, if you were following the instructions on video as you said, you have not deactivated existing user accounts yet. Restart the PC and sign in to your normal user account. Right click Start, select Run, type netplwiz and click OK:

    A small window listing your active user accounts will open. Take a screenshot of that window and post it here. If you need any instructions on making and posting screenshots, see these tutorials:

    Hello Kari,
    I'm sorry that my explanation wasn't clear. I didn't have any issue when activating the Admin account (see pic). I had issue when logging into that account after logged out from my current user account. It took a while to have a functional screen. I noticed that the Windows as well the Search keys won't work on the Admin account. I believe that you mentioned that on one of your past post.
    I ran the "netplwiz" as requested. See screenshot.Name:  AdminActivation.PNG
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