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Hello Shawn I just swapped out the original hard drive and installed from a USB stick after making it from the media creation tool tutorial.
Now all went well but I didn't get that activation screen it just installed 10 I thought at first maybe something in the BIOS had automatically activated it but it obviously has not because I cannot Personalize the screen until I have activated it.
I have tried going to Settings and do what I can in there but it does not give me a screen that I can use for activation.
Any ideas mate as I am stuck now with a machine that will boot to Windows and update and all but as I said I cannot access Personalization for example.

Hello John,

Microsoft activation servers are having issues off and on right now. They should be back to normal within a day or two, but you could try the Activation troubleshooter.

MSFT acknowledges some Win10 Pro licenses being mistakenly deactivated - Windows 10 Forums