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    64-bit Windows 11 Pro for Workstations
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    gzt7d8 said:
    Thanks Shawn, I'll play it safe and disconnect the data drive.

    I was actually very pleased with the upgrade. No issues, and it still booted very fast, but it doesn't hurt to get a fresh start.
    I'm glad to hear it Greg. :)
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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W11 Triple Boot Pending

    I've had to caution several already about making sure any extra drive including external HDs as well as flash drives and drives stuffed into external enclosures are unplugged before beginning after seeing where things can end up! The upgrade on the laptop where I used a dvd since HP has no F12 key or another for the bios setup appear until you put in a bootable dvd and then see the press any key now to boot from cd message didn't go so good at first! Where there weren't any extra drives you would assume things would go well except that being an upgrade over an OEM pre-installed copy of Windows!

    After seeing the Start button there but not seen as well as running into a blank Settings screen and not able to open up Apps I knew I had to immediately toss a clean install of the 32bit 10 Home on to be followed right afterwards with the 64bit Home install to replace the 32bit entirely.

    Once a friend had a quick but good look at 10 he was impressed where he and his better are presently running a pair of 8.1 x64 laptops but will still plan to wait and buy 10 outright.

    The one thing you lose however is the new Windows DVD Player that is downloaded along with the rest of the updates following the initial upgrade. To see that return again you need to go to the MS online store and pay the $15 tab for that player or find an alternate on the web in order to play disks. No Blu Ray support for it however as well as some freeware players. I ran into that information when suddenly going to look in the Windows Acccessories section and found it missing following the clean install.
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    Windows 10 Pro

    Finished the clean install, with my data drive disconnected during the installation process. It completed without issues but I am receiving an error code on Windows Activation. I used the nifty app Contact Support, and chatted with a lady who recommended I wait 24-48 hours.

    I hope she is right.
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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W11 Triple Boot Pending

    I would have expected to see that here in the week into early last week due to heavy volumes of traffic on the servers with everyone all over download and installing 10. Yet by the time I was getting to the second system being upgraded here the load on the activation servers had lightened up tremendously. And the laptop just upgraded saw the bugged up upgrade I replaced at a chance the upgrade had activated was found activated as well as the second clean install to go from the 32bit to 64bit flavor of 10 Home from the 32bit 7 Home Premium. I suspect for late week and weekend times are bad and why the MS op advised the wait.
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    windows 10 (x64) Home 20H2 19042.844

    Today I did clear install. I got twice option to enter key. First time I had option to skip. I did.
    But second time no skip was there. But a provision for entering key later was given. I clicked that.
    Finally after installation I found windows activated.
    Just for info for those who will attempt clear install and face my situation.
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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W11 Triple Boot Pending

    What I ran into a couple of times was seen right at the end of the initial set up just before you arrive at the desktop for the first time. The process would swing right after either clicking on the "Express settings" for providing location and other information to 3rd parties where most will tend to miss the "Custom settings" down below in small print above the link for that where you can go into the two screens of four on/off items on each screen.

    That comes after the screen for entering the product while you click on the tiny link to "skip this" or "will do later". Yo;u always see that in the lower left hand corner if you are looking for it that is! They make things tricky by intent in fine print so you can get caught off guard. That's done mostly as a reminder for people to enter their keys and will be once you either have waited a year or opt to buy 10 outright at the moment to either skip past any upgrade or simply want to clean install only like on a new system or want to keep one drive with 7 or 8 on it untouched.

    When someone else posted back that they went for the full install usb retail key that came as no surprise that there wasn't any separate upgrade only key since you can still perform that type of install with a full version key. I've already seen several full clean installs here first the one on the main case that followed the initial pair of upgrades to be followed by a clean install that remained unactivated on a second system until the 7 install was upgraded over and then that first 10 install later had to be replaced. Then you add two more clean installs on a laptop to end up going from the 32bit OEM 7 to the 32bit 10 upgrade thaht came out pooched followed immediately by the 32bit 10 clean install and then onto the switch with the 64bit clean install of 10 that finalized the works!

    As for the activation that comes automatically without any product key entered for the present time if you have already seen to the upgrade install where the product key for the previous version is transferred to the initial 10 install. 10 is then linked to the system itself and you can install 10 over and over and over and still it activated upon arrival at the desktop if the installation itself goes normally. In most cases 10 will go on fresh without any goofs while the upgrades on the other hand??? Not always so good!
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit v1803 build 17133.73

    Windows 10 very light on background services. Most of Windows installs excluding this one, would have initial services at 60 running for starters and would need some serious reconfiguring to reduce this to an acceptable amount. Usually around 40 to 45 serivice. Win 10 out of the box only fires up 31 services at start up and easily can be pared down to 25 with no impact on the operation of this computer. Win 10 pro, 64bit. Solid and stable. I am thankful that my experience with win 10 has been relatively trouble free.
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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W11 Triple Boot Pending

    Well what you are seeing in 10 now first started with 7 following the "Bloated OS" bad rep Vista got! MS at the time realized that "Windows was getting too big!" and developed the WInMin kernel 7 favored first. Since then more progress of seeing less memory taken by reduction of the foot print has been one of the goals and why 10 can run on an old Vista or even XP case with a pair of 512s for the 32bit and obviously still the need for at least 2gb with the 64bit.

    Upon watching the idle processes with the 64bit flavor of both versions I have been seeing 10 running at about 1.5gb of memory when all of the usual programs and startups are on. So far besides the initial upgrade headaches that can come up the clean installs on the other hand have been running smoothly in consideration of 10 being the new version just out. Which is good since 7 has also seen good reviews when first out as well.

    A clean install of course always tends to insure the best results in system performance as well as seen with OS stability the most important factor. You want to avoid a buggy OS install whenever possible!
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit

    Windows 10 Pro install stops at Step15

    I followed steps for installation on SSD with UEFI Everything went well until the first restart after installation files reached 100% When screen came back it was back to original Install now screen.

    I had disabled secure boot in firmware as suggested. SSD is the only drive attached at present. Should I attempt a reinstallation or are there other steps I should pursue first.

    I am using a retail licensed Windows 10 Pro version installed on USB using Microsoft creation media.

    Dell 8700 XPS
    i7 4790 processor at 3.40 Ghz
    16GB memory
    2 TB HDD Windows 8.1 installed presently not connected
    Kingston HyperX 120GB
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    64-bit Windows 11 Pro for Workstations
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    Hello Archquark,

    It sounds like you set to always boot from the USB first. Instead, you should set to always boot from the Windows hard drive first, and use the boot menu to only temporarily boot from the USB when starting the installation.

    Since you already started installation, unplug the USB, and restart the computer to see if it may pick back up where you left off in Windows Setup, then connect the USB back. :)
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