How to Show Text or Image on News Bar in Windows 10

The News Bar app brings you the latest news from the Microsoft News network of over 4500 of the world's most respected journalism brands. In addition, you can configure it to provide you with up to date information throughout the day on your favorite stocks.

Microsoft's Windows News Bar works just like the Windows Taskbar. It's there when you need it, where you need it and how you need it. Customize its appearance in settings to find the experience that's just right for you. If you want to focus, don't worry, you can minimize the News Bar at any time and then bring it back when you're ready for it again.

A few cool things about this app:

The News Bar is currently in Beta now, try it out and send feedback to let Microsoft know how they can make it better.

This tutorial will show you how to show text or image visualization on the News Bar for your account in Windows 10.

It is required to install the News Bar app from the Microsoft Store and open it to have the News Bar available on your Windows 10 build 17134 or higher computer.

Here's How:

1 While the News Bar app is open, click/tap on the Settings (gear) button on the News Bar. (see screenshots below)

2 Click/tap on Appearance on the left side.

3 Select Image (default) or Text in the Visualization drop menu for what you want to show on the News Bar.

4 You can now close the News Bar settings if you like.

How to Show Text or Image on News Bar in Windows 10-news_bar_image_visualization.jpg How to Show Text or Image on News Bar in Windows 10-news_bar_text_visualization.jpg

That's it,