How to Add Note to Collection in Microsoft Edge Chromium

Microsoft has adopted the Chromium open source project in the development of Microsoft Edge on the desktop to create better web compatibility. This new Microsoft Edge runs on the same Chromium web engine as the Google Chrome browser, offering you best in class web compatibility and performance.

The new Chromium based Microsoft Edge is supported on all versions of Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server (2016 and above), Windows Server (2008 R2 to 2012 R2), and macOS.

The Collections feature is now enabled by default starting with the latest versions of Microsoft Edge in the Beta, Dev and Canary channels.

Collections allows you to gather, organize, export, and share content on the web.

Microsoft designed Collections based on what you do on the web. If you’re a shopper, it will help you collect and compare items. If you’re an event or trip organizer, Collections will help pull together all your trip or event information as well as ideas to make your event or trip a success. If you’re a teacher or student, it will help you organize your web research and create your lesson plans or reports. Whatever you are doing on the web, Collections can help.

Microsoft has been working hard to add more functionality and refine the feature over the last couple months – some of which were directly informed by your feedback.

Here are some of the improvements Microsoft has made, based on your input:

Access your collections across your devices: Microsoft has added sync to Collections. Microsoft knows some of you have seen issues around sync, your feedback has been helping Microsoft improve. Microsoft knows this is an important scenario and are ready for you to try it. When you are signed into Microsoft Edge preview builds with the same profile on different computers, Collections will sync between them.

Open all links in a collection into a new window: Microsoft has heard you’d like an easy way to open all sites saved in a collection. Try out “Open all” from the “Sharing and more” menu to open tabs in a new window, or from the context menu on a collection to open them as tabs in the current window so you can easily pick up where you left off. Microsoft has also heard that you want an easy way to save a group of tabs to a collection. This is something that Microsoft is actively working on and are excited to share when it is ready.

Edit card titles: You’ve been asking for the ability to rename the titles of items in collections, so they are easier for you to understand. Now you can. To edit a title, right click and choose “Edit” from the context menu. A dialog will appear giving you the ability to rename the title.

Dark theme in Collections: Microsoft knows you love dark theme, and they want to make sure they provide a great experience in Collections. Microsoft has heard some feedback on notes which they have addressed. Try it out and let Microsoft know what you think.

Sharing a collection: You have told Microsoft that once you’ve collected content you want to share it with others. Microsoft has lots of work planned to better support sharing scenarios. One way you can share today is through the “Copy all” option added to the “Sharing and more” menu, or by selecting individual items and copying them via the “Copy” button in the toolbar. Once you’ve copied items from your Collection, you can then paste them into your favorite apps, like OneNote or Email. If you are pasting into an app that supports HTML you will get a rich copy of the content.

Starting with Microsoft Edge 84.0.508.0, Microsoft has added the ability to attach text notes to specific items in a Collection, as well as the ability to change the background color for general notes.

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This tutorial will show you how to add a note as content to a collection for your Collections in the Chromium based Microsoft Edge.

EXAMPLE: Note content added to a collection
How to Add Note to Collection in Microsoft Edge Chromium-microsoft_edge_collections_note.png

Here's How:

1 Open Microsoft Edge.

2 Do step 3 (toolbar) or step 4 (settings) below for how you want to open the Collections pane.

3 Click/tap on the Collections button on the toolbar, and go to step 5 below. (see screenshot below)

How to Add Note to Collection in Microsoft Edge Chromium-microsoft_edge_collections_button.png

4 Click/tap on the Settings and more (Alt+F) 3 dots menu icon, click/tap on Collections, and go to step 5 below. (see screenshot below)

How to Add Note to Collection in Microsoft Edge Chromium-microsoft_edge_collections_settings.png

5 Click/tap on the collection (ex: "New collection 1") you want to add a note to its content. (see screenshot below)

How to Add Note to Collection in Microsoft Edge Chromium-microsoft_edge_collections_open_collection.png

6 Perform one of the following actions to add a note to this collection: (see screenshots below)

  • Click/tap on the Add note button in the Collections pane.
  • Right click or press and hold on an empty area in the Collections pane, and click/tap on Add note.

How to Add Note to Collection in Microsoft Edge Chromium-microsoft_edge_collections_add_note-1.png How to Add Note to Collection in Microsoft Edge Chromium-microsoft_edge_collections_add_note-2.png

7 Type the note using the Bold, Italic, Underline, Bulleted list format tools you want, and click/tap on the Save (check mark) button when done. (see screenshot below)

How to Add Note to Collection in Microsoft Edge Chromium-microsoft_edge_collections_add_note-3.png

8 When finished adding content to the collection, you can click/tap on the Close (X) button to close the Collections pane. (see screenshot below)

How to Add Note to Collection in Microsoft Edge Chromium-microsoft_edge_close_collections_pane.png

That's it,